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Oh, Comics! Podcast #1: Hoochie Coochie B’Wana Beast

Oh, Comics! is a weekly news and talk show about the wild and wooly world of comics, hosted by Paul Montgomery and Preeti Chhibber.

Oh, Comics! Episode #1: Hoochie Coochie B’Wana Beast
Paul & Preeti discuss the door-busting attendance at this year’s New York Comic Con, Warner Bros.’ ambitious DC Comics film slate, the joy of CW’s The Flash, and More!

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Just how destructive were Calvin and Hobbes? (Answer: Very)

New York Comic Con 2014 was the biggest US comic con yet—and one of the most diverse.

“Comic Books Are Still Made By Men, For Men And About Men” (Warning: GRAPHS)

Warner Bros. Announces a Bajillion DC Comics movies (But won’t connect them to the TV universes – ARGH)

Our own recaps of CW’s The Flash: Episode One, Episode Two

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