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Official Trailer: Peanuts (Plus Some Plot Theories)

We’ve only just surfaced from the holiday season, and we’re already clamoring for December 2015. Why? Well, the Monday thing is a definite factor. But also because we’re a little less than a year away from the new, feature-length Peanuts movie. It’s essentially an expanded version of the teaser we saw late last year, but I’ll be running it on a loop until this whole Monday thing is slain.

If I’m to understand the narrative thread here, the film’s plot involves the Red Baron visiting aerial terror of an anachronistic nature upon…where does the Peanuts gang live? I’m guessing the Great Lakes region, but also within a WWI era biplane’s fuel tank range of Paris. Not sure. Anyway, it’ll be up to Snoopy to take the bastard down. And then maybe some shades of Philip Roth’s The Plot Against America, with Linus in the President Lindbergh role? I dunno. It’s either definitely that, or a grand celebration of unbridled imagination. I’m in.