Riot Headline 10 Exciting Books to Read this Summer
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Off-Panel: November 14, 2014

Paul Montgomery

Staff Writer

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“Seven years after the Kuwaiti psychologist and entrepreneur first launched his comic book series based on the 99 attributes of Allah, he’s facing a sudden onslaught of death threats, fatwas and lawsuits. His US distributor, meanwhile, continues to sit on a TV deal, in part because of pressure from conservative bloggers who object to any positive description of Islam.

“Mutawa remains unfazed — and defiant.”

Profiled: Naif Al-Mutawa, creator of the Islamic superhero group, The 99.



“The full list of titles featuring McKelvie and Wilson’s variant covers is as follows: Bitch Planet #1, Shutter #7, East of West #16, Rumble #1, Revival #26, and, er, The Wicked + The Divine #6. No, I’m not really sure how The Wicked + The Divine can have a Wicked + Divine variant either, but I bet it’s going to look pretty cool.”

Jamie McKelvie and Matt Wilson transfigure several Image Comics titles with Wicked + The Divine style portrait variants in December. (Comics Alliance.)


“As the weather begins its inevitable yearly betrayal of us here in the Northern hemisphere, there is comfort to be found in our hobbies. Often neglected during the sweaty days of summer, autumn is a prime time for reading comics while drinking tea, buried in layers of thick blankets. Re-reading your favorite comics for their familiarity, or reading lighter fare are sure to warm your spirit. In no particular order, here are our go-to comfort comics to fill the short days and long nights of fall.”

Women Write About Comics offers up a list of evergreen “comfort comics” for the fall season. I love any list of comfort reading that includes Preacher. I love any list that includes Preacher. Also included: Mouse Guard, Blankets, Finder, and more.


“When I think about making comics, I think of deep vein thrombosis. I don’t think I’ve ever actually *had* DVT, but whenever I embark on my weekly trip to What-The-Actual-XXXXing-XXXX-Am-I-Going-To-Put-In-The-Guardian-This-Week-Land, I can often feel its friendly fingers digging their way into my merrily atrophying leg muscles while I sit, and sit, and sit, and sit, and sit, trying for hours to think of an idea. It feels sort of cold, and tingly. I get cold legs. Cold, cold legs. Are you feeling the inspiration yet?”

Guardian cartoonist Stephen Collins explains his process in words and pictures.