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8 Arms To Hug Your Books: The Perfect Octopus Bookends

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What has eight arms and can deliver an excellent hug? The answer is an octopus. In addition to so many arms, the coleoidea subclass of invertebrates—which includes the squid, the cuttlefish, and the octopus—are thought to be among the most intelligent creatures. One of my all-time favorite octopuses is the exceptionally smart and clever Inky, who escaped his enclosure at a New Zealand aquarium. It should come as no surprise, then, that…intelligent folks might want a set of octopus bookends to keep their favorite reads in a safe place. Eight arms for protection and a brain set on keeping itself sharp. Win-win!

Find below a collection of excellent octopus bookends that would look excellent on any type of space you have available for holding books. These range in price from affordable to downright splurge.

The Perfect Octopus Bookends

Choose from among some options for the color you’d like your burlap, but these pillow octopus bookends are super reasonably priced at $16 a pair.

This set of eight-armed bookends is metal. Select from a few different color options, too. $65 for a set.

Love steampunk? This set of octopus bookends will be right up your alley. The cast iron build will ensure your books go nowhere. $125.

Another steampunk inspired bookend. You’ll need to buy two for a set, but you could definitely use a single bookend to hold up your favorites on a shelf. $60.

These are really dang cool bookends made of ceramic. They’re also not cheap, clocking in at $950, but you do get both of them for the price.

This set of resin eight-arm bookends is much more affordable, though, at $70 for the pair. These will be substantial enough to hold some big tomes.

Similar to the above bookends, you can grab this set in silver resin for $42.

Enter the kraken! This set of wooden bookends shows just how much power there is in the mighty octopus. $65.

Another take on the Kraken, this one also wood. Peek the incredible details of these bookends! $55, with the option to get these bad boys engraved.

Antique silver octopus bookends that look like they’re climbing up your books. These are 5″ tall, and they’d be perfect for your mass market paperback collection. $30.

I dig the blocky look of this set of resin octopi bookends. $140, and you have options for the colors.

Wood AND metal make up these vintage-inspired octo bookends. $33.

Squiggly arms! $89.

The listing for these bookends suggests they’re for kids, but I see nothing wrong with an adult loving these vivid, hand painted bookends. So cute! $60, with color choices.

Another cute option, this one is, as of this writing, on sale for $15. You’ll need two for a set but dang, how could you not spring for two?

These are the most fancy pants octopus bookends you will ever see.  Made of bronze, marble, and maple, you are paying a premium for not just materials, but also craftsmanship. Sweet, sweet bookends indeed. $1000.

Need some other animal bookend options? You’ll do well with these elephant bookends, fiery dragon bookends, or further sea life options with whale bookends.