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Reminisce Fondly With Nostalgic Book Lover Goods

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Ahh, the days of skimming the Scholastic book flier or attending a real live book fair at school. Maybe those aren't the memories that trigger nostalgia for you — we know the economic challenges wrapped up in both — but perhaps you harbor fond memories of perusing your local library's shelves or attending a story time? Maybe your reminiscence kicks in when you see an old favorite bookish television show or series show up, like Goosebumps or Wishbone.

In an era where living in the current moment can be challenging, many find comfort in indulging in favorites from the past. That right there is where we find this marriage of books and nostalgia and the ability to combine the two in the form of fun enamel pins, tote bags, and more fun finds from Etsy.

Find below a roundup of great nostalgic book lover goods that tap into the warm spaces of your personal memory. Bookstores, libraries, beloved book series and more are represented. Splurge on yourself and on a good-feeling memory that'll take you back any time you need that escape.

Nostalgic Book Lover Goods

White hand holding a brightly colored enamel pin. It's in the shape of a sales booth and reads "I'd rather be at the book fair," with the Scholastic logo.

The perfect pin for readers who miss their annual Scholastic Book Fair. $11

An image of Strega Nona on a pin. The image is from the book. The pin is on a purple ombre background.

I did not know until this moment how much I'd like a Strega Nona pin, but now I do. If you love this story, then you won't be able to resist. $4

Six vintage-style book stickers on a green hardback book. The book is on concrete.

The vintage style of these book fair style stickers makes them just perfect. $12 for the pack of six.

Image of a girl inside a restaurant that looks like Pizza Hut. She's wearing a button inspired by Book It.

Our last old school Pizza Hut closed a couple of years ago, but I had the chance to eat there before it did, and I assure you it still has the same cups, sticky table mats, cheese and pepper shakers, and the smell of thousands of devoured Book It pizzas. This print captures the entire experience perfectly! $25

Two dangle earrings on a red background. The earrings are miniature covers of Scary Stories to Tell In The Dark.

Wear the covers of the books with the scariest illustrations for children with these Scary Stories to Tell In The Dark earrings. $12 and up.

A white hand holding a pair of earrings. The earrings feature the fish from The Rainbow Fish.

I may be in the minority of disliking The Rainbow Fish, so for those who love the story, these earrings — with an option for clip-ons! — may be up your alley. $14 and up.

Image of a white shirt on a white paneled background. The shirt reads "Raised by Books" and features images from Little Golden Books.

Were the Little Golden Books on your shelf as a kid or among the books you picked up at the library? Celebrate those stories with this Raised By Books tee. $25 and up, sizes XS–3XL.

Image of a sticker in the shape of a library card. It reads Library Card, with a bar code below, and the image on the card is of Arthur.

Having fun isn't hard when you have a library card (sticker)! $4

A sticker featuring an illustration of Levar Burton and the Reading Rainbow logo.

I love a good homage to Reading Rainbow, but pair it with an illustration of LeVar Burton and you have one awesome nostalgic sticker. $5

An orange image background with a Black boy from the book A Whistle for Willie made into a necklace pendant. It is on a black background.

You're likely familiar with The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats, but what about A Whistle for Willie? This necklace celebrates that fabulous picture book. $20

Two small notebooks on a white background. The notebook on the left is made from a green floppy disk and the one on the right is red.

The next two items are for writers out there who are eager for a nostalgic style notebook. First: floppy disc notebooks! Pick your color. $17

Image of three notebooks on a wooden background. The notebooks feature VHS tape covers.

Maybe if you prefer a VHS style notebook, you want to go with one of these options. $22

Image of a tall brown library card catalog with the words "never forget" beneath.

#CardCatalogsForLife. $3 and up for the sticker.

Image of a white person in a gray sweatshirt that reads "Sweet Valley High, Sweet Valley, California, Established 1983".

If you think about the answer to the question Elizabeth or Jessica? then you might be the perfect person for this Sweet Valley High sweatshirt. $38 and up, with lots of color options.

Image of a neon leopard print book sleeve on a gray background.

This neon leopard print book sleeve is giving MAJOR Lisa Frank vibes. $17 and up.

Image of eight pins featuring 80s images and font, all about the library and reading.

Looking for some legit '80s goods? Then you're in luck. You can snag a vintage library or reading pin, straight from the '80s. $6 and up.

Image of three magnetic bookmarks on an index card. It is being held by a white hand. The images of the bookmarks are a mix tape, a boom box, and a record player.

Save your page with a vintage electronic magnetic bookmark. $10 for the set.

Image of a large canvas tote on a wood background. The center of the tote has a black image of an open book inside a circle. The text beneath the book reads "Reading Is Rad!"

Lastly, make sure you have a tote with plenty of room for all of your next reads. This Reading Is Rad! tote captures the totally radical nature of a good book…and the way we described a great thing back in the day. $25