3 New YA Books Featuring Dragons

Tirzah Price

Senior Contributing Editor

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Get Underlined

Who killed Brooke Donovan? It’s the biggest mystery of the summer, and everyone in Castle Cove thinks it’s the wrong guy. Unlikely friends Alice and Iris are out to find who really killed Brooke—but the town of Castle Cove holds many secrets, and Alice and Iris have no idea how much danger they’re about to walk into. Fans of One of Us Is Lying and Riverdale can’t miss this page-turning who-done-it that’s sure to be the next must read Young Adult thriller!

I love a good fantasy novel with dragons because they’re fantastical creatures that are intimidating, smart, and usually pretty cunning…but there is still a lot of room for interpretation when it comes to seeing them depicted across fantasy worlds! Eragon by Christopher Paolini is a YA classic, and I’ve enjoyed Rachel Hartman’s unique take on dragons in Seraphina, but it’s also exciting to see more diverse YA fantasy featuring dragons hitting shelves lately! Here are some recent and soon-to-be released novels you shouldn’t miss!

Cover of Six Crimson Cranes by Elizabeth Lim

Six Crimson Cranes by Elizabeth Lim

Although this book is most obviously a retelling of the fairy tale “The Wild Swans,” Lim also blends other Japanese folk tales into this retelling, which follows a princess named Shiori who wishes to avoid an arranged marriage at all costs. When she falls into a lake and encounters a dragon, that’s just the beginning of her epic journey of self-discovery, magic, and danger. I loved the playful dragon character in this book, and the sequel, out in August, is sure to feature the dragons even more prominently as it’s titled The Dragon’s Promise.

Cover Image of "Together We Burn" by Isabel Ibañez.

Together We Burn by Isabel Ibañez (May 31)

Zarela Zalvidar is a flamenco dancer in Hispalia, a fantasy world inspired by medieval Spain. She’s also the daughter of a famous Dragonador and people come from all over to watch his shows, but when one goes terribly, terribly awry, she is left to train to become a Dragonador. She turns to an infamous Dragon Hunter for help — whether he’s willing to give it or not!

Burn cover

Burn by Patrick Ness

Set in alternate 1957 Washington, this book follows Sarah, the daughter of a farmer who is down on his luck. She and her father have been forced to hire a dragon named Kazimir to help out on the farm, and despite the stories that he is soulless and dangerous, Sarah is curious about the dragon and how he seems intent on protecting her. But unbeknownst to Sarah, Kazimir has come because she’s tied up in a prophecy that’s set to bring great danger and destruction down on her family farm.

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