New Must-Read Romance Coming Out This March

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Emily Martin

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Love is in the air this March. For romance readers, March brings a magical fake dating story featuring witches and demons. It brings an adventure down the Pacific Crest Trail that turns into a journey to love. March has got stories about people falling in love in airports. It’s even got adventures at a comic con and a high-stakes race to win a fortune that, yes, gets romantic. Also coming at you in March: a sexy office romance from a debut author, an enemies-to-lovers romance between a superstar and a spy, a regency romance starring an aspiring writer, and more. March has a love story for everyone, in other words.

If you’re looking for romance reads for March, here are eight of the best new novels you’ll want to add to your TBR this month. Some of these books come from romance authors you already know and love. Some are debut romance stories from authors who are sure to become your new favorites. There’s so much to enjoy about all of these stories, which take all of the best romance tropes and put new, exciting spins on them. Get ready to fall in love with all of these new titles.

the cover of A Witch's Guide to Fake Dating a Demon, showing a woman and man back to back, arms crossed, surrounded by a witchy border of plants, a moon, a snake, and a potion

A Witch’s Guide to Fake Dating A Demon by Sarah Hawley (Berkley, March 7)

Mariel Spark is a witch and a member of the famed, magical Spark family. According to a prophecy, Mariel is destined to be one of the most powerful witches of the past few centuries. But Mariel would rather spend her time baking and gardening versus brewing potions and casting hexes. When Mariel attempts a spell to summon flour, she instead finds herself face to face with a demon, Ozroth the Ruthless, who will stop at nothing to collect mortal souls. Ozroth refuses to leave Mariel’s side until she completes a bargain, which she refuses to do. Terrified of what her mother will think when she sees a demon hanging around her at all times, Mariel decided to tell a little lie. So she says Ozroth is her boyfriend.

Something Wild & Wonderful Book Cover

Something Wild and Wonderful by Anita Kelly (Forever, March 7)

When Alexei Lebedev starts his journey on the Pacific Crest Trail, he’s prepared for rattlesnakes, blisters, and spending months with no one but himself to keep him company. And yet somehow, on this 2,500-mile trail, Lex keeps running into the same guy — Ben Caravalho. For Ben, Lex isn’t the first beautiful man he’s let creep into his heart, but there’s something different about the gorgeous and, yes, slightly nerdy guy that Ben can’t get out of his head. Is it coincidence that these two keep running into each other over and over again? Or is the trail somehow bringing them together?

love and other flight delays book cover

Love and Other Flight Delays by Denise Williams (Berkley, March 14)

As Love Actually taught us years ago, nothing is more romantic than an airport. Love and Other Flight Delays is a collection of four novellas that all tell romance stories set in an airport. From a fake-dating romance between an airport pet groomer and a frequent flyer to two best friends who confess their love at an airport candy shop, love isn’t only in the air. It’s specifically in the air…port. I had to. Sorry.

cover of while you were dreaming

While You Were Dreaming by Alisha Rai (HarperCollins, March 21)

Sonia Patil has a plan. All she has to do is show up at comic con in an amazing costume, and her crush will be unable to ignore her. But nothing ever goes quite to plan, does it? Instead of winning her crush over, he faints into a canal and Sonia has to rescue him. Suddenly Sonia is a superhero in her own right, and no one can find out her true identity. Sonia’s sister is undocumented, and Sonia and her sister have been trying to lay low since their mother got deported. How long will Sonia be able to hide in plain sight?

infamous book cover

Infamous by Lex Croucher (St. Martin’s Griffin, March 21)

Infamous is a queer romance set in the Regency era. Aspiring writer Edith “Eddie” Miller and her best friend Rose have always done everything together. But after their debutant ball, Rose has her eyes on marriage, and Eddie doesn’t know how she’ll live without her best friend by her side. In a desperate attempt to get Rose out of her head and finish her novel, Eddie accepts an invitation from the handsome poet Nash Nicholson to visit his Gothic estate in the countryside. But there, Eddie discovers the world of literary icons is a lot more trouble than she bargained for.

cover for the only game in town

The Only Game in Town by Lacy Waldon (G.P. Putnam’s Sons, March 21)

In this small-town romance set in Redford, Georgia, Carter Barclay finally visits his grandfather Jasper Wilhelm, the town’s eccentric benefactor. At his funeral. But Carter’s grandfather has one final trick up his sleeve: a high-stakes game where the winners will when his entire fortune. The catch? Everyone must work in pairs, and Jasper has already paired everyone up himself. Carter’s been paired up with freelance editor Jess Reid, who calls Redford her home.

the build up book cover

The Build Up by Tati Richardson (Carina Press, March 28)

In this debut from Romance in Colour podcast cohost Tati Richardson, architect Ari James is starting a job at a new firm and is off to a rocky start. Most horrifying of all, her gorgeous colleague Porter Harrison walks in on her at her worst moment ever. Now the two are working on a project together. Will she be able to focus on getting her career back on track while working with the hottest guy in the office?

Stars and Smoke cover

Stars and Smoke by Marie Lu (Roaring Book Press, March 28)

Stars and Smoke is an enemies-to-lovers romance where two wildly different worlds collide. International pop sensation Winter Young is giving a private concert to a major crime boss’s daughter. Sydney Cossette, tasked with infiltrating the crime organization’s inner circle, has been assigned as Winter’s bodyguard. At first, Sydney doesn’t get why everyone finds the pop star so charming. But the longer the two are forced together, the more she begins to fall under his spell.

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