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10 New Romance Books December Is Bringing To Your Cozy Home

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Silvana Reyes Lopez

Senior Contributor

Silvana Reyes is a Mexican book blogger. She enjoys all types of sub-genres, but loves a good love story. Romance fiction is her heart and joy and you might find her screaming about book releases on her Twitter account.

The month of December has arrived! I’m a huge fan of this month, mainly because of the holiday season. Lots of food, gifts, and parties — doesn’t that sound wonderful? If you’re like me, you will ask for books as gifts. Who cares if you don’t have any more space in your bookshelves or in your room? They will fit somewhere, I’m sure. And if you’re currently looking for books to buy, how about checking out this list of new romance books that are coming out in December!

Gift-giving is a love language for me. Personally, I love receiving and giving when it comes to gifts. And if I know you love reading, you bet I’m buying a book I know you will enjoy! Each month, as you know, thousands of new books get published in the world, and it’s no different in December. If you’re looking for romance books to get this December, this list is perfect for you. You’ll find a little bit of everything; fantasy, suspense, rom-coms, and more, in this list. If you’re not feeling a book, skip ahead and I’m sure you’ll find at least another one you will enjoy.

And because it’s the holiday season, of course you’ll find a couple of holiday romances in here *wink* I know what the people want!

Cover of Anastasia by Sophie Lark

Anastasia by Sophie Lark

Anastasia is one of the most beloved animated films out there. But the real-life story of Anastasia was more gruesome and tragic than what was shown. What Sophie Lark does is turn the real story into a happily-ever-after.

In 1919, in a world similar to ours, Anastasia lives without magic. Being the princess no one needs, she is the fourth daughter of the emperor who has no sons. Her magic slowly starts to develop in secret and it might cost her everything she loves. This is an enemies-to-lovers fantasy novel like no other.

Cover of Queen of Myth and Monsters by Scarlett St. Clair

Queen of Myth and Monsters by Scarlett St. Clair

Queen of Myth and Monsters is the much-anticipated sequel to King of Battle and Blood. This book follows Isolde, the newly coronated queen, and her vampire king Adrian. In this novel, Isolde doesn’t really know who her allies and her enemies are. Her love for Adrian has cost her father and her homeland. So, Isolde needs allies now more than ever. When a sinister blood mist threatens her new home, she’ll have to trust her bond with Adrian to save her newfound family.

A Dash of Salt and Pepper book cover

A Dash of Salt and Pepper by Kosoko Jackson

Kosoko Jackson returns with another fun romcom you won’t be able to stop reading. In A Dash of Salt and Pepper, you’ll meet two cooks who can’t help but fall in love.

After getting passed over for a prestigious fellowship, Xavier returns home. The last thing he wishes to do is work as a prep chef at the new hip restaurant in town. Who would have thought he would fall for the hot single father chef who owns the restaurant though? It might seem like a recipe for disaster, but Xavier and Logan realize that they work better together than against each other.

In It to Win It book cover

In It to Win It by Sharon C. Cooper

Everyone and their mother loves the rivals-to-lovers trope. In Cooper’s book, two entrepreneurs compete for the property they desperately want. But before they can acquire the property, they must compete in an Iron Man competition of sorts in order to win it. He refuses to play along, but when he hears his ex, Morgan — beautiful and spoiled Morgan — wants the property as well, he is petty enough to enter to play against her.

Cover of Pets of Park Avenue by Stefanie London

Pets of Park Avenue by Stefanie London

Stephanie London made me fall in love with New York…and cute dogs in her Paws in the City series. Pets of Park Avenue returns to Park Avenue, where it introduces a self-confessed hot mess who has decided to prove that she’s finally got her act together. But in order to do that, she needs the help of her estranged husband!

Cover of One Night Only by Jayci Lee

One Night Only by Jayci Lee

Look, One Night Only is an accidental pregnancy romance. I know many don’t enjoy the trope, so if you don’t, skip it. But if you’re like me, and love this trope, keep reading.

Jayci Lee’s novel follows chamber violinist Megan Han, who has a one-night stand that pretty much changes her whole life. Everything further complicates when the sexy stranger happens to be Daniel Park, CFO of her father’s company. They agree to keep the pregnancy a secret, but when their passion reignites and burns everything in their paths, the only choice is to find out if this fling is what they’ve been searching for.

Cover of Booked for the Holidays by Chelsea Curto

Booked for the Holidays by Chelsea Curto

It’s not December if we don’t talk about holiday romance books. Booked for the Holidays is a small-town romance featuring two business owners who get paired up for a holiday decorating contest. It screams Hallmark vibes perfect for the holiday season, right? Expect a slow-burn romance that will give you a heartwarming love where a grump falls for the sunshine.

Cover of Spring Tide by Ki Stephens

Spring Tide by Ki Stephens

Spring Tide is a New Adult college romance set in a small town and you will fall madly in love with it instantly. It follows Harper, a sports med student, who gets blackmailed into helping Luca, a shy, injured football player, recover. If she does, he’ll help her as well, of course. Because Harper has told her sports med professor she is currently dating a football player, when she’s really not! So Luca is going to pretend to be in a relationship with her in exchange for keeping his injury a secret while also helping him recover.

Cover of Picture-Perfect Christmas by Charlotte Greene

Picture-Perfect Christmas by Charlotte Greene

Going back to her hometown brings too many memories for Nicole Steele. Too many unwanted memories. But after 20 years away, the only thing she wants is to move back home. Fortunately for her, she is hired to take photographs for Glenwood’s new tourism campaign. She just never expected to reunite with her childhood rival, Quinn Zelinski. The magic of the Christmas season might reignite the spark they used to have!

Cover of The Rodeo Queen by Marcella Bell

The Rodeo Queen by Marcella Bell

A rodeo queen knows how to be perfect. A rodeo queen knows the rules. Sierra Quintanilla has too many crowns to her name, so when Closed Circuit, the reality-TV-meets-rodeo-tour competition, comes back for a second season, she knows the part she must perform. But sometimes desire can bring a rodeo queen down from her throne. And attorney Diablo Sosa tempts her like no one.

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