How To Keep Up With New Release Romance Books

Let’s be honest: reading books is great fun, but what is also great fun is adding titles to your TBR. An ongoing list of books you want to read is an epic nerdpurr! But every Tuesday, a HUGE list of new releases rolls out, and it’s beyond anything anyone can actually wade through in its entirety. So say you really love reading romance books: in all that information, where do you find new release romance books? SPOILER: Lots of places! There are options for everyone! *Ernie voice* Lemme show you, Bert.

Book Riot Insiders

Book Riot has a program called Book Riot Insiders! And one of the perks available is the New Release Index curated by—wait for it—me! When I am not reading, I am spending my time scouring the upcoming releases for the ones that look the most interesting, and then I add them to the calendar. (There’s also a little cat eyeglasses icon you can click on to see the ones I have loved or am the most excited to read.) And among the titles I select, I try to be sure and add a selection of exciting new releases in romance, including new historical romance novels. You can check out the demo here.


Book Riot also offers a personalized recommendation service in which you can ask for book recommendations in your favorite genres, or to suit your mood. In a reading slump? Request fun, light reads. Like nonfiction? We know scads of great books! Looking for new books in a specific romance troupe, like enemies-to-lovers or marriages of convenience? We can help with that too!

When in Romance

And of course we have a podcast for that, too! Rioters Jess Pryde and Trisha Brown are BIG romance readers and they really know their stuff! Twice a month, they’ll fill you in on romance news and books, as well as talk to guests from the romance world.

Kissing Books

Annnnnnnd one more Book Riot promotion: We also have Kissing Books, which is written by Jess Pryde, and features all kinds of delicious romance-related information for citizens of Romancelandia.


Indiebound is the online retail site for the American Booksellers Association of America. You can peruse the new release romance books with their search function, and even use their indie bookstore locator map to find the closest independent bookstore near you!


You can use the dropdown menu on Goodreads to search by genre, or by recommendations, or find a user-curated list of exactly what you’re looking for. You’d be surprised how many other people are probably interested in those books, too.


Amazon’s site has a lot of up-to-date information about new romance books of 2019 and upcoming releases. You can use the dropdown menu to search for specific categories within the romance genre.

Barnes & Noble

Likewise, B&N keeps a current accounting for new and upcoming romance novels that you’ll want to put in your face orbs.

Publisher’s Weekly

PW is a huge source of information for people in the publishing world, and on top of printing lists of the best titles in several genres for each season, they have current news about upcoming releases, including new release romance books.

Shelf Awareness

This is a daily weekday newsletter-slash-website about all kinds of stuff going on in the world of publishing and bookselling, and also includes reviews, recommendations, and interviews.

Put the love in your ears!…Wait, forget I said that. Moving on: has a lot of romance audiobooks to choose from, and it supports independent bookstores!

Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

Probably the most famous site on the web about romance books! Started in 2005, it’s a wonderful place to read all about romance novels, reviewed and recommended by other romance book lovers. Sarah Wendell, the founder and all-around awesome human, also has a podcast.

All About Romance

There is a huge catalog of romance novel reviews on this site, which is searchable not just by specific interests, but they have a Sensuality Rating system for each book, that runs from “kisses” to “hot.” So you can help grandma find exactly the steamy, explicit, shape-shifter romance she’s been asking for.


Bustle does a great job in the book coverage department, and always has great recommendations on hand.


The same goes for Bust Magazine’s online presence. They have a lot of book reviews, and recommendations, including new release romance books.

See also: Oprah Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Buzzfeed Books, and Good Housekeeping.

And don’t forget publisher sites! Who better to know about upcoming romance books that the people publishing them? (Well, the authors. But you know what I mean.) Harlequin is of course one of the most famous publishers of romance novels, and you can also find a lot of information on the Avon Books site, and even the Big Four have recommendation newsletters and sites, like Off the Shelf, Epic Reads, and Read It Forward.

So! Many! Options! Whatever you’re looking for, I hope you find it!

(And a big shout-out to Rioter Ashley Holstrom, who did a lot of the groundwork with her piece on New Releases.)