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3 New Platforms For Supporting Indie Bookstores: Critical Linking, February 3, 2020

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“The tension between Amazon and bookstores—particularly independent bookstores—has long been pronounced, as customers continue to buy books from the mega-company in lieu of shopping local. To help indies reach and retain customers in this web-heavy selling climate, three new platforms have launched or are launching soon.”

Looking for ways to get your dollars to indie bookstores? Here are 3 new platforms to checkout.

“Nora Roberts was a young stay-at-home mum with two small boys when 3ft of snow hit Maryland in February 1979, and the family was stuck inside. She picked up a notebook and had a go at writing a romance novel. “I thought, I’m going nuts here, so I’ll take one of the stories out of my head and write it down,” she says. “And I just fell in love. Before that I’d sewed, baked bread, crocheted, macramed two hammocks. I was desperately searching for a creative outlet and as soon as I started that was it.”

The powerhouse that is Nora Roberts.

About that Hamilton film.