14 New Holiday Romance Novel Releases for the Post-Holiday Blues

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Erika Hardison

Staff Writer

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I love new holiday romance novel releases. It’s something about grabbing my weighted blanket, having a cup of tea, and reading a seasonal love story that makes me happy during the fall and winter season. Holiday romances can be a mixed bag of being cheesy and sometimes unbelievable but that’s what the holidays are all about, right? The pretty, big snowflakes covering the trees and the sidewalks along with the hot cocoa and romantic miracles all make the perfect recipe for a holiday rendezvous.

Holiday romance books are an instant emotional booster for me. Even if I am in a bad mood or feeling down, reading a holiday romance perks my spirits back up. So whether you enjoy something light or something a bit more complex, you will find a holiday romance story the fits you just right. Here are some new holiday romance novel releases that debuted in 2020 to extend your post-Christmas reading. You can also find Christmas YA books here!

The Christmas Chevalier (Christmas Masquerade Book) by Meg Mardell

A wintery, queer historical romance that centers a trans man as the hero! This novella gives you all the Victorian scenery that you desire; a beautiful and snowy ice skating setting, an enchanting flat where a lot of light romance happens and of course a lavish ball. You will finish this quickly and it will leave you wanting more.

His Princess by Christmas by Therese Beharrie

Kade and Amari both want love. However, they can’t get out of each other’s way to embrace the happiness they desire. Kade is an African Prince who wants to have fun before he has to take over the Queen’s duties. As he tries to enjoy his final days of freedom, he falls in love with a trinket shop owner named Amari who is also a single mother. This is a romance where the action isn’t the only thing that matters — but that isn’t going to stop their Christmas.

All I Want for Christmas by Wendy Loggia

If you were looking for something similar to a Hallmark movie this holiday season, you might like this love triangle as it comes with lots of holiday cheer and a sugar biscuit recipe. Some of the subject matter also makes it a great read for younger readers who want to read romance without anything risqué. Bailey works in a bookstore and she dreams of having a picture-perfect romance. However, she learns that the guy of her dreams doesn’t have to look perfect to be the best man for her.

The Twelve Dogs of Christmas by Lizzie Shane

If you are an animal lover then you are in for a real treat. Ally Gilmore finds herself in Pine Valley to get away from a demanding job that is not making her happy. Upon her arrival, she discovers a family dog rescue is in jeopardy of losing its funding. She then makes it her mission to confront the councilmen who are preventing funding for the misplaced pups. That’s when she bumps into a temperamental councilman named Ben. After an awkward encounter, Ally finds herself falling for Ben, who just might have a heart.

Written in the Stars by Alexandria Bellefleur

Who doesn’t love a holiday fake romance story? Darcy is just about fed up with her brother always playing matchmaker. He suggests a blind date and she goes and finds no spark of romance. Her date, Elle, runs a popular Twitter astrology account and is desperate to find love. Darcy doesn’t want to admit to her brother that she had an awful date so she lies—and to her surprise so does Elle! Now the two have to fake a relationship until Mercury in in retrograde, and some sparks start to fly.

Holiday Home Run by Priscilla Oliveras

Who doesn’t love sport romances? This lighthearted romance focuses on an event planner named Julia Fernández who wants to prove to her family she can lead her own life. But her family’s catering business needs her help and even though she has no intention of carrying on the family’s catering legacy, she still lends a hand for a good cause. While catering at a local youth center, Julia meets a volunteer DJ who is a former MLB pitcher. Together they find a common interest in volunteering and helping kids while sparking a romance.

One Night with a Duke: A Regency Christmas Romance by Erica Ridley

For those who enjoy historical fiction and period pieces, meet Jonathan MacLean, a charming and attractive Scot who falls for a jeweler named Angela. If you are looking for passion, romance, and to fall into a story that will sweep you off of your feet, this is made just for you.

Second Chance on Cypress Lane by Reese Ryan

If you love a small town romance plot you will enjoy this small island escape. Get to know Dakota Jones, an investigative reporter who has enjoyed a successful career. But that all comes to a halt when she finds herself in the middle of a scandal that has impacted her career. She needs a hard rest and goes to her small hometown, where she runs into her first love who has never gotten over her. They both have secrets of their own, but they find a way to navigate those muddy waters to find love again.

Naughty or Nice: A Holiday Novella by Shae Sanders

This is part of a series and this holiday novella is the finale. Now, if you haven’t read any of the books you won’t have a solid grasp of the couples, however, that is part of the fun. This novella is based on the romantic relationships of the employees at Billingsley-Davis Co. Now, it’s time for the annual holiday party and these professional couples are up to their old shenanigans, tricks, and lots of romance.

Costume Cutty by Chencia C. Higgins

A superstitious food caterer named Dionne usually avoids working events on Halloween, but she gets an opportunity — the biggest contract of her career to work at an annual costume for the Sapphire Springs Community. While working, she finds herself becoming better acquainted with her ex-boyfriend’s jogging partner. Little did she know that he had some feelings about her and while she was dating his friend. A true Halloween romance, a little mystery and creepy things occur, but doesn’t overshadow an adorable and growing romance.

A Soldier Under Her Tree by Kathy Douglass

This cozy romance is a second-chance story about Hannah Carpenter, a fashion entrepreneur who moves to North Carolina after finding her fiancé and sister in bed together. While her social and professional life seems to be flourishing, her private and love life is almost non-existent. She hates the holidays but she still celebrates with her customers and friends because the idea of being alone hurts her. During a verbal confrontation between her sister and ex-fiancé at her boutique, a handsome soldier walks in and pretends to be her boyfriend. The two agree to be a fake couple to satisfy all the people in their lives, but this results in some unexpected feelings.

Seven Minutes of Christmas Magic: An Enemies to Lovers Romance (In the Cards) by K.L. Brady

Hey romcom fans, this one is for you! K.L. Brady is bringing us a romantic and entertaining story of two professional singles who want to do everything but look for love during the holidays. Unexpectedly, two former colleagues who are now sworn enemies find themselves at the same holiday party for singles. To make matters worse they were already pre-matched so they have to force themselves to play nice with each other for the sake of their career.

A Little Country Christmas by Carolyn Brown, Hope Ramsay, Rochelle Alers and A.J. Pine

If you are looking to read a collection of holiday romance stories, you are in for a real treat with A Little Country Christmas. With four different stories, you get your favorite romance tropes such as a cowboy romance, a music-themed love story, a soldier romance, and a deputy romance. Carolyn Brown takes on a delicious journey of baked goods, a single mom and a cowboy. Hope Ramsay brings us the story of a teacher and who meets the local town doctor who loves Christmas. A.J. Pine gives us a classic love story with a Grinch-like villain of a mayor and a deputy sheriff who has to show him the real meaning of the holidays and love.

Handmade Holidays by ‘Nathan Burgoine

Over the course of 15 years, Nick showcases how he spends his holidays with the friends he’s chosen to be his family. Between Misfits Toys parties and 14 years of close friendships, this novella examines the importance of friendships even amongst the LGBTQ+ community. Burgoine helps us understand that sometimes the best Christmas gifts are the ones that don’t have an expensive tag attached to it.

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