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New Guidelines For Readers

Rincey Abraham


Rincey is a writer and editor who always has a reaction gif ready to go. Rincey spends her free time reading (obviously), and wandering the streets of Chicago in search of good food and possibly not as good music. (She does have an affinity for pop music. Don't hold that against her.) She is also often busy taking notes on how to be more like Leslie Knope. YouTube: Rincey Reads Twitter: @rinceya

Finding the Internet when you are a reader can feel like a bit of a godsend. You have found other people who love books as much as you do! You can share your opinions about what you like and get exposed to so many great books in a few simple clicks.

But you may also feel like it can be a little bit too much. There are plenty of people around to tell you why you, dear reader, should feel bad about your reading choices. But I am here to help you help you navigate these dangerous waters with some guidelines for you.

  • It is OK to not read the “it” book.
  • It is OK if you do read the “it” book, no matter what your reason.
  • It is OK to not like the book everyone else seems to adore.
  • It is OK to adore the book everyone else is slamming.
  • It is OK not to finish a book.
  • It is OK to take a month (or more) to read a single book.
  • It is OK to put a book down and come back to it later.
  • It is OK to read Romance novels.
  • It is OK to read Young Adult literature (or Middle Grade literature or Children’s literature) when you are an adult.
  • It is OK to not read Young Adult fiction.
  • It is OK to purchase a new book even if you still have some unread books sitting at home.
  • It is OK to only get books from your library.
  • It is OK to read ebooks only.

As for what is not OK? Shaming other readers for their reading habits.

We are all individuals who have unique preferences and needs and desires. We read a variety of books because we all want something different from our reading experiences. This means we will all gravitate towards particular books and want to read in a variety of genres and formats.

Thinking that every reader should feel the exact same way about books as you do and read books the exact same way as you is not only close-minded, but it is also pretty boring. Getting to see a book through someone else’s eyes who has a completely different perspective on it can maybe change your own views on it. Or even if it doesn’t, it can still be an interesting experience and maybe help reinforce the reasons why you do feel the way that you do.

So read the books that you are interested in without worrying what other people will think of you for reading that book. And keep an open mind about the way other people choose to read because maybe you’ll discover something you didn’t know you would love.

What are some guidelines that you would add to this list? Or what are some guidelines that you wish someone shared with you?


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