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A Baker’s Dozen of Cookbooks from Great British Bake Off Alums

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Courtney Rodgers


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Since 2010, The Great British Baking Show (The Great British Bake Off to the rest of the world) has been gracing our television and computer screens with visions of pillow-soft bread, flaky pastry crust, and petite patisserie. Since it was first available on Netflix, I have been watching the cozy competition show like an eagerly anticipated sports match. Grab the butter, you fool! I’ll shout at my TV, even though I’ve seen each episode approximately 10 times. While I am not much of a baker, I do love a good baking book or cookbook. We all could use a little guidance with ambitious kitchen projects. Watch me show up to the Thanksgiving dinner with an opera cake and five different types of biscuits. Now, if only Netflix would bring back early seasons of the show so I can re-watch my favorite comfort show in an eternal loop. 

In 2018, we rounded up 74 of the cookbooks by judges and contestants of The Great British Baking Show. Four years later, we’re back with even more baking and cookbooks from the tent. Whether your baking style is more rustic or over-the-top decorative, our bakers have something for you! Learn the science of baking from engineering researcher Rahul Mandal, conjure up creepy cakes with Helena Garcia, and brush up on your gluten-free baking with Peter Sawkins!

Baking With Kim-Joy Cover

Baking with Kim-Joy by Kim-Joy

Kim-Joy won the hearts of season nine viewers with her whimsical, often animal-themed bakes and creative use of flavors. In her first baking book, Kim-Joy guides readers through recreating some of her magical bakes, along with some basic recipes for cakes, cookie doughs, and tray bakes. Step-by-step instructions and full color photographs make the intricate recipes less daunting. Since Baking with Kim-Joy was published, Christmas With Kim-Joy and Celebrate With Kim-Joy have been released for even more delightful bakes. 

Sizzle and Drizzle Cover

Sizzle and Drizzle by Nancy Birtwhistle

After years of sharing cleaning and cooking tricks with her followers on Instagram, season five winner Nancy has collected her best tips into this book. With 100 recipes for sweets, savory dishes, and specialty diets, this book is a great basic cookbook/homemaking guide. QR codes throughout the book lead you to videos on green living and modifications. Pull up a chair, it’s time to have a cozy chat with Nancy!

Showstopping Cakes Cover

Showstopping Cakes by Rahul Mandal

Want to impress your family and friends with a big, beautiful cake? You’ll need this thorough guide on everything cake from season nine winner Rahul Mandal. Between decoration tips and ideas, Rahul gives careful explanations about why your batter might curdle, how to fix mistakes, and how to perfectly stack a tiered cake. Accompanied by gorgeous photos, this book will inspire you to bake ambitiously!

Bake Yourself Happy Cover

Bake Yourself Happy by Steph Blackwell

Since appearing on season 10, Steph Blackwell has been a mental health advocate on her social media platforms. Bake Yourself Happy is full of cheerful, simple recipes as well as the psychology of baking. Steph shares her journey with baking, and how baking can help with stress, self-confidence, and more! Steph’s previous book, The Joy of Baking is a thoughtful, comforting look at baking with 20 recipes to share. 

The New Way to Cake by Benjamina Ebuehi book cover

The New Way To Cake by Benjamina Ebuehi

Bland cakes begone! Inspired by her Nigerian heritage and life in London, series seven quarterfinalist Benjamina has written a book of delicious, flavorful cakes for you to try out at home. Benjamina’s recipes are infused with flavor from fresh herbs, colorful spices, and decadent fruits. New and experienced bakers will love Benjamina’s artful, minimalistic approach to cake decorating.  

Peter Bakes Cover

Peter Bakes by Peter Sawkins

For the gluten-free baker, look first to Peter, GBBS’ youngest winner ever! Peter’s book is full of recipes for celebrations, everyday bakes, and the basics of British baking, all with gluten-free modifications. Try out an apple galette, and if you’re feeling brave, attempt the Christmas Croquemboche for your next holiday gathering. 

Nadir's Everyday Baking Cover

Nadiya’s Everyday Baking by Nadiya Hussein

As one of the show’s most prolific contestants, Nadiya won’t steer you wrong with her latest cookbook. With new, simple recipes for busy weeknight dinners, celebrations, and when you need a colorful veggie pick me up, this book is bound to be a favorite soon! Enjoy Nadiya’s signature cooking style and warm voice in her many cookbooks, children’s books, Netflix shows, and debut novel, The Secret Lives of The Amir Sisters.

The Wicked Baker Cover

The Wicked Baker by Helena Garcia

Halloween never ends with resident witchy baker, Helena. Garcia charmed the judges in season 10 with her ghostly bakes. Now conjure up your own ghoulish cakes, pastries, and breads with Helena’s pictures and detailed instructions. Garcia has also written a craft book, The Witch Crafting Handbook

Good to Eat Cover

Good To Eat by David Atherton

Switch things up with season 10 winner David Atherton. The former health advisor put his health knowledge and baking skills together to create this book of creative, healthy recipes.  This book covers tasty lunch and dinner recipes, as well as baking basics and yummy treats.  David is also the author of a series of cookbooks for children.  

The Seasonal Baker Cover

The Seasonal Baker by Michelle Evans-Fecci

Learn to bake with your garden with season 10’s Michelle. From vegetables to herbs and flowers, Michelle’s recipes are full of seasonal inspiration, with thrifty, sustainable ideas for gardening. Traditional Welsh recipes and family favorites fill the pages, so which will you make first? 

Second Helpings Cover

Liam Charles Second Helpings by Liam Charles

In his second cookbook, Junior Bakeoff judge and season eight contestant, Liam provides a plethora of tasty recipes for every occasion. Enjoy Liam’s lasagna for dessert with a side of chicken katsu donuts. Liam’s weird-but-it-works recipes will have you cooking up your own whacky food combos.

Baking Imperfect Cover

Baking Imperfect by Lottie Bedlow

Do you find baking baffling, yet you love it anyway? This book by season 11’s Lottie is for you. The Viking enthusiast with a cheerful sense of humor is ready to share her recipes for mouthwatering cakes and puddings. Chock full of encouraging tips, this book is sure to help boost your confidence in the kitchen. 

Giuseppe's Italian Bakes Cover

Giuseppe’s Italian Bakes by Giuseppe Dell’Anno

With the help of season 12 winner, Giuseppe Dell’Anno, you can finally master Italian baking in your own home. From pizza to pannacotta, Giuseppe lays out the basics of Italian favorites with clever tricks and a bit of history, too! Full color photos and easy-to-follow instructions mean you’ll be baking up a storm in no time!

Expected publication December 13, 2022

As we anxiously await season 13’s winner, it’s time to brush up on baking skills. Time to head to the grocery store! I’ll preheat the oven if you’ll grab me an extra bag of chocolate chips.

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