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8 New Graphic Novels and Comics Out in December 2023

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Rey Rowland


A daydreamer and a bit of a lost cause, Rey loves stories. Whether they're book shaped or you can see them on a screen, a story always hides in the corners of her mind. She's working on a few stories of her own, always accompanied by her trusty cat.

Is it as shocking for you as it is for me to know that it’s time to talk about books that come out this month AKA December 2023? Because seriously, how did we get to the end of another year this quickly? Shelving that particular existential crisis for later, it is that time of year. So, let’s talk about some new comics and graphic novels out in December 2023!

But before we jump into that, I do need to say a few things. First of all, I tried to pick as many comics and graphic novels that are the first in a series so that anyone can start reading them. But this month also brings some exciting sequels and continuations to already-established stories. I had to include them! I also picked a couple of promising new manga volumes you can read this December. Lastly, I tried to include a little bit of everything in this list of new comics and graphic novels out in December. Hopefully, all of you can find your next great read!

Without further ado, let’s look at these eight new comics and graphic novels out in December 2023.

I Married My Female Friend Vol. 1 by Shio Usui manga cover

I Married My Female Friend Vol. 1 by Shio Usui (December 12)

Let’s kick things off with a super sweet slice-of-life manga with queer rep! I Married My Female Friend begins the story of Kurumi and Ruriko. Five years ago, they made a deal with each other to get married if they were still single. Which means it’s time for their wedding! At first, they treat each other like roommates as they learn how to live together and share a home. But soon enough, it becomes clear that those feelings they have for each other can lead to something more between them.

The Secret of Friendship by Kazune Kawahara manga cover

The Secret of Friendship by Kazune Kawahara (December 12)

Next comes another new self-contained manga about romance and friendship. The Secret of Friendship tells the story of BFFs Eiko and Moe. Despite their different personalities, these two have an incredible bond. Moe also has plenty of suitors. But none of them have been able to meet her condition: whoever becomes Moe’s boyfriend must value Eiko the most. That is, until Tsuchida shows up. What will become of their friendship? You’ll have to read it to find out!

Glitch Vol. 2 by Shima Shinya graphic novel cover

Glitch Vol. 2 by Shima Shinya (December 13)

A couple of months ago, Glitch Vol. 1 was published, and thankfully, the second volume of this manga is hitting the shelves this month! The cool thing about it is that you can absolutely read this one first since it follows a different cast of characters than volume one. Either way, Glitch is set in a town in which ghostly appearances and “glitches” occur on a daily basis. Glitch Vol. 2 specifically follows Kaname Ito and Kei Kinjou-Dias. The former has made contact with one of these strange “glitches” — while the latter is convinced that the answers to the town’s mysteries lie in the forest. 

Original X-Men (2023) #1 by Christos N. Gage comic cover

Original X-Men (2023) #1 by Christos N. Gage (December 20)

Sixty years after their first appearance, the original X-Men team is back with Original X-Men #1! The story follows our beloved heroes, Cyclops, Jean Grey (AKA Marvel Girl), Beast, Iceman, and Angel. There’s another multiverse adventure waiting for them. Time travel shenanigans will ensue, and one of these beloved heroes will be left stranded in the world as we know it. Great for new and old fans alike, this comic promises to kick off an epic adventure for the X-Men.

Vampire Slayer Vol. 4 by Sarah Gailey graphic novel cover

The Vampire Slayer Vol. 4 by Sarah Gailey (December 26)

This month also brings with it the final volume of the Vampire Slayer comics! Putting together issues #13-#16, these comics give Buffy the Vampire Slayer a whole new story. The overall arc of this series begins with a powerless Buffy — and the mantle of The Slayer now in the hands of Willow. You can call this the Willowverse, if you will. As the story progresses forward, we see both of them deal with their powers (or lack thereof) and still try to fight the zany monsters in little old Sunnydale.

Monomyth GN by David Hazan graphic novel cover

Monomyth GN by David Hazan (December 26)

Next comes the Monomyth graphic novel! This fantasy story is set in a world in which magic is all but extinct. The last wizard actually cast a spell that could help restore magic by summoning the descendants of ancient, powerful bloodlines. They’re all brought to a crumbling magic school, where they find unnamable horrors and must face their own darkest corners if they want to survive.

Red Sonja & Vampirella Meet Betty & Veronica Vol. 2 by Amy Chu graphic novel cover

Red Sonja & Vampirella Meet Betty & Veronica Vol. 2 by Amy Chu (December 26)

Okay this is one of the strangest comics I’ve ever heard of, but the crossover also sounds kind of amazing? In December, we’ll finally get to continue the story of Red Sonja & Vampirella Meet Betty & Veronica, thanks to volume two! These comics imagine a world in which Betty and Veronica meet Red Sonja and Vampirella. In volume one, we get to see the latter visit Riverdale and see Betty and Veronica in action, solving all kinds of mysteries. In this volume, though, Betty and Veronica are whisked away from Riverdale all the way to Vampirella’s home planet. What could go wrong?

Doctor Who: Doom's Day. A Doctor In The House? by Jody Houser comic cover

Doctor Who: Doom’s Day. A Doctor In The House? by Jody Houser (December 26) 

Last but not least, this Doctor Who comic is part of a multimedia event for the show’s 60th anniversary. So, while it will be connected to other stories (that aren’t necessarily book-shaped), you could also read it as a standalone! A Doctor in The House? tells the story of Doom, a lonely assassin from the 51st Century who only has a day left to live. Her only chance of survival? To use her vortex manipulator to hunt down The Doctor across time and space. 

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