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20 Fun New Bookish Stickers to Snag

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Kelly Jensen


Kelly is a former librarian and a long-time blogger at STACKED. She's the editor/author of (DON'T) CALL ME CRAZY: 33 VOICES START THE CONVERSATION ABOUT MENTAL HEALTH and the editor/author of HERE WE ARE: FEMINISM FOR THE REAL WORLD. Her next book, BODY TALK, will publish in Fall 2020. Follow her on Instagram @heykellyjensen.

Back in February, I did a roundup of some badass book stickers, and y’all, I’ve found such a great cache of bookish stickers that I needed to do another roundup. None of these will be repeats, meaning that you’ll have a whole array of new bookish stickers to slap on those back-to-school ready notebooks and water bottles (and if you’re not doing the back to school thing, slap these bad boys anywhere your heart desires).

I’ve not included stickers that are specific to a book or an author, as I wanted to encompass as broad a love of books and reading as possible. You can find some additional library stickers, as well as some awesome Shakespeare stickers, in these posts. I HAVE included a couple of stickers that’ll get you in the mindset for creepy season, which is closer than it feels.

One thing that’s great about bookish stickers is they’re affordable, so go ahead and treat yourself. You deserve it, and frankly, we live on a giant rock floating in space, so own your nerdery and enjoy it.

I said it before and I’ll say it again: I think we’re able to enjoy stickers in a new way as adults, so go ahead and let yourself do just that. Let’s dive on in.

Fun New Bookish Stickers

Image of a sticker in the shape of a jar. Inside the jar is a colorful library with a skeleton reading and enjoying a coffee.

Starting off strong with a skeleton enjoying a book. The colors here are especially great. $3.50 and up, depending on size.

Several pink stickers featuring a worm wearing a hat. The words "book worn" surround it.

This book worm is too dang cute. The beanie! $4.

Image of a white hand holding a sticker. The sticker is a black cat sitting on top of an open book. There are yellow and green flowers coming out of the book.

Meow! I would not mind this cute cat and these fun flowers hanging out with me while I read. Cat on a book sticker, $5.

Image of a sticker that has a big wooden door opening to a castle, mountains, and stars. It says "fictional wanderlust."

Satisfy your fictional wanderlust with these fantasy themed bookish sticker. $5 and up, depending on size.

Image of a floral tea pot on top of two books with a floral tea bag.

Are you a tea and books kind of person? You’ll want this sweet sticker. $4.

Two stickers that say #audiobookscount.

Audiobook reading IS reading. Remind the haters with these #audiobookscount sticker. $3 and up, with various size and color options.

Image of a colorful bookstore sticker. It has a sign that says "books are magic," and a sign that says "support your local indie."

Indie bookstores your jam? Show off your support with these magical sticker. $3.

Image of a stack of dark book spines that have moons, stars, and snakes.

Into dark and magical books? This stack is for you. $4.

Image of a sticker in the style of a Pantone color swatch. It says "booktone," with a color number and name "romance reader." It is pink.

I am obsessed with these take on Pantone swatches. Grab yourself a Romance Reader booktone. $2.50.

Image of a colorful bookstore featuring an owl reading a book outside.

This entire shop is SO flipping cute, so picking a single sticker to highlight was tough. But I think this owl reading outside a bookstore — that is in the shape of a book! — is a good one. $3.50.

read all night sticker with purple, dark blue, and stars.

Calling all night readers! $4.

Pile of stickers. They are black with white text that says "read more"

Keep it simple with this read more sticker. $4.

Image of a black book sticker with pink text that says "main character energy."

All of the ~main character energy~ in this sticker. $3.50.

Image of a rainbow book stack

Want an LGBTQ+ book stack sticker? Choose your player. The above is a rainbow stack, but you can pick from several options. $3.50.

Image of a floral book sticker being held by a white hand. The text on the sticker says "get lost in a book."

This one marries the colorful fun on its floral book cover with a font that’s got just enough edge to be a warning. $3.50.

Image of a sticker with "book lover" in a vintage font. It is in shades of brown.

This book lover sticker has all of the groovy vintage vibes. $3.50 and up, depending on size.

Image of several genre themed stickers.

Pick your genre of choice with these stickers. $2.50.

Image of a sticker with scrabble inspired tiles that says "reader." It is on a laptop.

This reader sticker is inspired by Scrabble tiles, and I am here for it. $3 and up with some options to choose from.

Image of an octopus on top of a book stack. It sys "expert book hauler" in pink.

Can you imagine having EIGHT arms to carry all of your books? No wonder this octopus is an expert book hauler. $3.50.

Image of an orange book sticker. In script font on the cover it says "read a damn book"

Last but not least, a reminder to yourself and maybe others to simply read a damn book. $4.