11 Most Anticipated New Adult Romance Reads for Spring 2022

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I am a huge fan of reading a story that whisks you away, especially when it comes to romance. While I am a huge fan of young adult novels, I also have a soft spot when it comes to new adult romances. The stories they tell and the escapism that they provide make them extremely interesting to read for me, and I feel like they are the perfect pick for those who need a moment to read something that seems as sweet as cotton candy, or a warm cup of tea for the soul.

From books like 2021’s adorable The Love Hypothesis to anything that the amazing writing duo Christina Lauren whips up, like their amazing and touching The Soulmate Equation, I myself found some sort of way of digging into these stories when I needed a pick-me-up, a smile or even just a tale full of heart and realistic elements, all while adding the elements of a romcom to the mix. Now, in the start of 2022, there are some promising books being released that will surely bring a pep to your step and a leave a positive note in your day when it comes to new adult romances.

This was a tough job to complete, but as part of your Book Riot family, I was inspired to share some of the most anticipated and fun looking new adult romances heading your way in the New Year. I cannot wait to dig into these, and I am sure you will get excited as well when you realize some of the fun reads coming our way soon, so buckle in and make space in your bookshelf for some adorable and enticing books sure to keep you smiling.

Cover image of "Something Fabulous" by Alexis Hall.

Something Fabulous by Alexis Hall (January 23)

This seemingly swoony romance by the author of the lovely Boyfriend Material, is one that I am eagerly looking forward to!

The book features the story of a quiet and reserved duke, Valentine Layton, who is promised to marry Arabella Tarleton. Arabella is the queen of romance, who dreams of a happily ever after, and Valentine sees this marriage strictly as one of convenience. To make matters even more complicated, Valentine starts getting to know Arabella’s twin, the overly dramatic and handsome Bonny. As they get thrown together into some sudden adventures, Valentine begins to question it all, and begins to fall for the annoying and sweet charmer.

I am extremely excited to dig into these characters and their love stories, and I am sure that after the author’s prior amazing work, this will definitely be a new classic adult romance.

Cover image of Ramón and Julieta by Alana Quintana Albertson.

Ramón and Julieta by Alana Quintana Albertson (February 1)

I am extremely excited for this book, the first in the Love and Tacos series by this Latina author. It seems romantic and fun!

The book tells the story of Ramón Montez, a dedicated and inspired fast-food empire heir and Ivy League degree collector who is focused on his life goals in San Diego. One day, in the Day of the Dead celebration, he kisses a mystery girl who he can now not forget. Turns out the mystery girl is well-known chef Julieta Campos, who is desperate to save her taqueria from closure, and her strict landlord is actually Ramón, and now she’s regretting that kiss, being as how his dad actually stole her mother’s taco recipe years ago. What’s a girl to do? Especially now that they are seemingly forced to work together? As their families grow more apart, we shall see if these meant-to-be lovers can make it work after a sudden connection.

I am excited to read this, because it seems to have a total enemies-to-lovers vibe, and it looks like a cute and fun story that lovers of romance can enjoy and dig into.

Cover of "Lockdown on London Lane" By Beth Reekles.

Lockdown on London Lane by Beth Reekles (February 1)

With a story that hits quite close to home during these COVID-19 times, this is one that I cannot wait to get into!

The book follows the tenants of the apartments on London Lane, who one day each find a slip of paper under their door demanding that they go into weeklong quarantine. Frustrated, and with nowhere to go, we follow different sets of people that live together and are force to learn new, and at times troubling, things about each other during the quarantine that makes them rethink themselves and their lives. It seems like such a great book full of realistic elements and engaging stories.

Will lovers stay together? Will relationships last and friendships withstand this lockdown? I cannot wait to read to find out!

Cover of "Good Girl Complex" by Elle Kennedy.

Good Girl Complex by Elle Kennedy (February 1)

This romance seems perfect for all those seemingly “perfect” girls, who would rather please anyone else before themselves when it comes to life choices.

In the book, Mackenzie “Mac” Cabot is known as a full on people pleaser. She lives her life pleasing her extremely demanding parents, showcasing a perfect persona in front of her prep school friends, and she is completely just hanging on to her long-time boyfriend. Like, does she even love him anymore? Did she ever? Suddenly, she starts to realize that making others happy is just extremely tiring.

One day enters local bad boy Cooper Hartley, and she is smitten with him. Charms, good looks and a bit of an edge are just what Mac needed in her life, and their sudden friendship becomes extremely important to her. While Cooper is not a fan of Mac’s lifestyle, he connects with her in strong ways and even introduces her to his close friends. Little does Mac know that a hidden secret might just destroy everything they have found together. But will romance win in the end? Are they meant to be?

Read on and immerse yourself in this swoony novel, sure to whisk you away and keep you turning pages this spring.

Cover Image of "I'm So Not Over You" by Kosoko Jackson.

I’m So Not Over You by Kosoko Jackson (February 22)

This promising cute romance by the author of the YA book Yesterday is History, promises a tug on the heartstrings.

The story begins when journalist Kian Andrews randomly gets a sudden text message from his ex-boyfriend, Hudson Rivers. The breakup was tough on Kian, but he reluctantly decides to meet him for coffee. What does he have to lose?

Expecting an apology or romantic confession, Kian is floored when Hudson requests him to pretend to be his boyfriend once more while his parents are in town. He agrees to dinner, and there it leads to Kian becoming Hudson’s plus one to Georgia’s wedding of the season. Once there, a series of happenings make the two realize that maybe the relationship and the feeling are not so fake after all.

I am excited to read this love story, which promises witty banter and a twist on the fake dating trope that I so love.

Cover Image of "A Brush With Love" by Mazey Eddings.

A Brush With Love by Mazey Eddings (March 1)

This books seems like a super fun and romantic romcom!

In the story, main character Harper is eagerly awaiting placement into a top oral surgery residency program. She is not in need of any distractions, and love and romance are the furthest thing on her mind. Then, one day, she dramatically crashes into Dan, a first-year dental student who honestly would rather do anything else, but has a family legacy to contend with.

While Harper finds Dan to be adorable, she is strict about the whole “no romance” thing, especially with other goals ahead of her. Yet, even when her and Dan decide to just be buddies, she cannot help getting even more distracted and starting to fall for his charms. What’s a girl to do?

This cute novel promises twists, turns and a lot of adorable fun, and it’s one that I am excited to pick up.

Cover of "To Marry and to Meddle" by Martha Waters.

To Marry and to Meddle by Martha Waters (April 5)

From the author of To Love and To Loathe and To Have and To Hoax, comes a super romantic new adult historical romance sure to keep you on your toes.

In the novel, Lady Emily Turner has been a debutante for six seasons now, and she has yet to find a suitable and steady husband. Frustrated by her options, it seems like the only solid catch is Lord Julian Belfry, the second son of a marquess, who lives life as an actor and owner of a theater. One day, they both meet at a house party, and decide to craft up a plan that could benefit them both. Thing is, Julian is seen as quite the scandal, with a career and craft that only a mistress not a wife would live with, and he wants to change society’s view of himself.

Deciding finally on a marriage of convenience, Emily plans to use her society connections to promote the theater to a more upscale selection of clients, and Julian will finally have a wife and keep Emily away from her father’s sketchy friends, one who was set on marrying her himself. But, as they both begin to learn more and more about each other, it turns out their feelings for each other might’ve been more real than they really could’ve ever thought they could be.

I am extremely excited to pick up another romance from this author, and I truly believe you all will enjoy it as well!

Cover of "Chef's Kiss" by TJ Alexander.

Chef’s Kiss by TJ Alexander (May 3)

Promising delightful romance, this romcom is one I am really excited to read!

In the story, Simone Larkspur is a prim, proper and perfect pastry creator with her exciting job at The Discerning Chef, where she creates the perfect recipes for readers in NYC and places them in the company’s cookbooks. But, with changes in media and publishing come sudden changes in her life, and now the company wants to quickly transition to video content. Used to more traditional methods, Simone becomes extremely frustrated when she tries and fails at providing the content they need.

Simone also now has to deal with the peppy and outgoing Ray Lyton, a new test kitchen manager who just hits the wrong nerve with Simone. Then, Ray randomly goes viral on YouTube with some homebrewing videos. Seeing this as a chance to help Simone excel, their editor forces both of them to contribute and work together, or else Simone could lose her job and all that she’s ever worked for in her life.

Things get even more complicated when Simone begins to have feelings for Ray, and then, Ray comes out as nonbinary, causing an upheaval in their tight community. Will Simone fight for who she now cares for, or risk her career? I cannot wait to read and find out in this seemingly great love story.

Cover image of "By the Book" by Jasmine Guillory.

By the Book by Jasmine Guillory (May 3)

This super cute bookish romance is one that I am extremely excited to read, by the author of amazing romances such as The Wedding Date.

The story follows Isabelle, who started her publishing career right when she got out of college with a lot of aspirations. Little did she think she’d be in her mid 20s and still be an editorial assistant, single, living at home and the only Black employee at the publishing house. The frustration is real, and she wants more out of her life.

One day, Isabelle sees a chance to help her boss and hopefully rise up the ranks at the publishing company. Her boss now needs her to coax a high-profile author to finally send over his long-awaited manuscript. Determined, Isabelle goes on to meet the author, Beau Towers, at his fancy home in Santa Barbara. Little did she expect to relate a lot to Beau, for he’s just as lost and confused as her, and also little did she expect to start harboring some seriously romantic feelings for the guy.

Promising elements of love, acceptance and learning to find oneself in tough times, this is quite the promising romantic tale!

Cover image of Book Lovers by Emily Henry

Book Lovers by Emily Henry (May 3)

If you have not read Beach Read, or any other books by this author, now is the time! And, you should definitely join me in picking this upcoming one up.

In the book, we follow Nora Stephens, who leads a totally bookish life as a literary agent who lands her clients epic deals. One day, her beloved sister takes her to Sunshine Falls, North Carolina for the month of August, and she’s hoping to seek some adventure of her own there. Yet, instead of finding her prince charming, she keeps bumping into Charlie Lastra, a book editor from back home in the city. Issue is, she finds him extremely annoying and this is definitely not love at first sight. But, could her feelings be changing in North Carolina? We must read on to see!

I cannot wait for this seemingly adorable romance, especially since her books are amazing so far!

Cover of You Made a Fool of Death with Your Beauty by Akwaeke Emezi.

You Made a Fool of Death With Your Beauty by Akwaeke Emezi (May 24)

I am super thrilled to grab this novel, which promises a touching story about finding love and oneself after sudden grief.

In the novel, Feyi Adekola needs to start again after losing the love of her life to a tragic accident. Yes, her life is different now, as she lives with her friend Joy in a lovely brownstone apartment and even has found success as an artist with her own studio. Joy believes it’s time for Feyi to start dating again, but Feyi is not so sure. Then, a mysterious hookup at a party leads to a random escape and pampered life, including celebrity chef-prepared meals, that she could have never imagined for herself. The curator she begins seeing also wants to help her upstart her career. Yet, little did she imagine to suddenly fall for someone else that she should never fall for, and that’s when the drama and love triangle seems to begin.

This book promises a mix of lush romance and a little drama, which I love to get from my books and immerse myself in. I will definitely be picking this one up!

What other romantic new adult books are you looking forward to in early 2022? Let me know on Twitter @AuroraMiami and let us know @BookRiot. Happy reading!