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Netflix Is Taking Us into THE DEEP

Amy Diegelman

Staff Writer

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The Deep #1 cover

The Deep: Here Be Dragons #1

One of the new additions to Netflix’s streaming line up this month is the Technicolor Animation show The Deep. This all-ages animated show is based on an acclaimed series from Australia’s largest independent comics publisher, Gestalt Publishing. Adapted from the Aurealis Award winning The Deep: Here Be Dragons by Tom Taylor (Injustice: Gods Among Us) and James Brouwer, the show follows a family of explorers. The Nektons come from generations of deep sea pioneers, long determined to find an ancient sunken civilization. The family (a true team, where the parents respect and trust their children) travel in a futuristic, high-tech submarine that takes them into the only unexplored regions left on the planet. What they find there is a growing number of mysteries that cross history, science, and myth.

The trailer alone boasts plenty of things to get excited about no matter how old you are. Cool ships! Pirates! Sea Monsters! Underwater mech suits!  A guy who looks like science fiction Sarumon! A trained pet fish!  Cryptic fisherman Santa! Underwater mech suits! (Did I mention that I’m excited about underwater mech suits?)

See for yourself!


The Deep has been airing on networks across the world, including the CBBC in the UK. It’s arrival on Netflix marks the United States debut. The comics themselves are currently only available digitally in the US, but you can order the paper and ink versions directly from Gestalt online. (Or ask your local comic shop or bookstore to get hold them for you, of course.)

Having watched the first episode, I am certainly intrigued (I’m hoping trained pet Jeffery the Fish gets lots of screen time). I will definitely be adding this to the list of shows and comics to check out with my young niece and nephews. What about you?