You Need a Library Card Catalog: These Are Some Of The Best

My dream home contains three very simple and reasonable commodities: lots of floor-to-ceiling bookshelves with a rolling ladder, a comfy window seat for marathon reading sessions, and an antique library card catalog.

You Need a Library Card Catalog: These Are Some Of The Best |

I’ve been enchanted with card catalogs since I first set eyes on one in my childhood library, but I have to confess that my fascination has nothing to do with books. Or cataloging. I just really, really like tiny drawers. And the idea of filling lots of tiny drawers. When I go furniture shopping and encounter dressers that have rows of tiny drawers that turn out to be a façade for one large drawer, I get unreasonably angry at said dresser. But library card catalogs are not tricksy in that way. They are full of magic and promise. And the connection to libraries and books is cool, too. I guess. But the tiny drawers!

What do you do with a library card catalog? So many things, my friends. The possibilities are endless. They make great statement pieces in your home.

The statement of course being “I LOVE BOOKS.”

You can use them for displaying small collectibles.

Category ID: 914
Category ID: 11234

Or plants.

Or to just stash all your wine.

Heck, just turn it into a bookish bar if 641.2 is your favorite section of the library.

They’re very useful in the kitchen.

Or in the bedroom or bathroom for toiletries.

They may not be the most functional pieces for dressers, but you can use them for small articles of clothing and accessories.

Keep track of all of your crafting supplies, no matter your medium!



Once upon a time, I had one and I filled it with yarn.

You can even squirrel away small clutter! Why have one junk drawer when you could have twenty?

You can even turn one into a standing desk if you can find a card catalog in the right size. (All my love to the smart aleck who used this old card catalog as a stand for a digital catalog.)

Sometimes card catalogs come in interesting shapes, so these people got creative and turned theirs into clever furniture!

I want a bookish kitchen now.

100% would set my book and wine on this card catalog/end table.

Whatever you do, do not fall for this one! It is a fraud card catalog and the drawers are all wrong.

via eBay

They don’t even have to have all of their drawers for you to still make beautiful use of them!

Or, you know, just put random stuff in them according to the season.

Do you really need an excuse to go out and procure one?

No, no you do not.

Do you use a library card catalog in your home? What are the best options that you’ve found? Hit the comments to share your favorites. Find even more library-inspired home design ideas in”16 Library Carts I Will Own When I Win The Lottery.”