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8 Engrossing Mysteries and Thrillers About Journalists and Reporters

Carolina Ciucci


Carolina Ciucci is a teacher, writer and reviewer based in the south of Argentina. She hoards books like they’re going out of style. In case of emergency, you can summon her by talking about Ireland, fictional witches, and the Brontë family. Twitter: @carolinabeci

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Beloved television reporter Lily Atwood has it all—fame, fortune, Emmys, an adorable seven-year-old daughter, and the hashtag her loving fans created: #PerfectLily. To keep it, all she has to do is protect one life-changing secret. Her own. Lily has an anonymous source who feeds her story tips—but suddenly, the source begins telling Lily inside information about her own life. Now she’s terrified someone is determined to destroy her world—and with it, everyone and everything she holds dear. How much will she risk to keep her perfect life?

Mysteries and thrillers starring reporters and journalists abound. This is hardly surprising: for one thing, like J.G. Hetherton points out, a great number of mystery novelists started out their careers as reporters. I also believe that it has a lot to do with nostalgia: there are few remaining professions that can emulate the method and process of the classic detectives, a la Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot. The journalist, with their careful research and follow-up, and their interviews, is at the top of this list; and therefore allows authors to craft a story that evokes that classic, cozy feel of the nineteenth century detective.

Of course, that is not to say that stories set in the 21st century will follow the exact same pattern as those beloved classics. Even Auguste Dupin, the very first literary detective, would be foolish to ignore the resources at the contemporary investigator’s disposal. Access to the best internet databases would be useless if the detective in question didn’t have above average observational skills and the little grey cells to put the facts together and assemble a working theory from them, though. Enter the journalist, who, if they are any good at their job, should have these skills down pat.

If you are a fan of thrillers and mysteries, and you’d like to read more featuring reporters and journalists, keep reading for a roundup.

Cover of Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

Camille Preaker, a reporter fresh out of a psych hospital, heads over to her hometown to investigate the disappearance of a young girl and the murder of another. Stuck in her childhood home with her neurotic mother and her spooky little sister, Camille must cope with her own demons if she wants to solve the mysteries around her.

Cover of The Fragility of Bodies by Sergio Olguín

The Fragility of Bodies by Sergio Olguín

Journalist Verónica Rosenthal does not believe in half measures. When it comes to her attention that there is an increasingly high number of train accidents in Buenos Aires, culminating in the suicide of a train driver, she sees a story worth pursuing. However, this may put her own life at risk.

Cover of Notorious by Allison Brennan

Notorious by Allison Brennan

Maxine Revere has made it her mission to solve cold cases abandoned by the police. A highly respected investigative reporter with her own TV show, she is haunted by a case from her past. When the suspected murderer dies by suicide, she must work to uncover the truth.

Cover of Betty Boo by Claudia Piñeiro

Betty Boo by Claudia Piñeiro

After the mysterious death of an elite Buenos Aires industrialist, Nurit “Betty Boo” Iscar is assigned by a newspaper editor to cover the story. It turns out that this murder is only one of several, all connected to the establishment…and the investigation leads them down a dangerous path.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo book cover

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson

Mikael Blomkvist has been hired to find out what happened to Harriet Vanger, part of a wealthy Swedish family, who disappeared 40 years ago. Together with Lisbeth Salander, Mikael must use his journalistic background to discover the truth.

Cover of Tell Me Your Secret by Dorothy Koomson

Tell Me Your Secret by Dorothy Koomson

A decade ago, Pieta survived The Blindfolder, a serial killer who has since escaped justice. But now, The Blindfolder is looking to tie up loose ends, and Pieta must work together with policewoman Jody to catch him.

Cover of No One Knows You're Here by Rachel Howzell Hall

No One Knows You’re Here by Rachel Howzell Hall

Crime reporter Syeeda McKay is hunting for the Phantom Slayer, a prolific serial killer who has murdered eight African American prostitutes over the years. Little does she know that he is hunting her down as well. Now, with Detective Adam Sheerwood’s help, Syeeda must stop him before she herself becomes his next victim.

Field of Blood

The Field of Blood by Denise Mina

Paddy is an aspiring investigative reporter who, for now, must be content with being “a copyboy” at a newspaper. But unexpected and tragic circumstances put her in the center of the story when a relative of her fiancé’s becomes implicated in the murder of a child. Set in 1980s Glasgow, this book is a “great snapshot of Glasgow during the Thatcher era.”

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