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MY HERO ACADEMIA Merch Items to Make you Squeal

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With season 5 of the My Hero Academia anime set to begin airing in just over a month, fans are beginning to rewatch, theorize, and otherwise get ready for what looks to be an amazing season. Right now is also the perfect time to buy new My Hero Academia merch – it should arrive before 27 March so you can watch the premiere with all of it laid out around you as tangible proof of your love. Or, you know, you could just buy the merch and use it for its intended purpose as a way to get excited for the upcoming season. Whichever you prefer.

My Hero Academia Clothing

My Hero Academia UA High Sweatshirt

This U.A. High sweatshirt is a really great option for people who don’t want to go all out and wear the characters faces but still want a nod to their fandom on their clothing.

My Hero Academia Accessories

My Hero Academia Character Necklaces Resin Art

If you prefer your merch in jewelry format, these resin art necklaces are so pretty, and since they’re black and white, they’ll go with anything.

My Hero Academia Character Keyrings

You could also go for a keychain – these ones are meant to look like little Polaroid pictures.

My Hero Academia Halloween Character Button Pins

Now, I know it’s March, but Halloween is a state of mind just as much as it’s a day. So, if you’re a fan, go ahead and grab one of these pins with various My Hero Academia characters drawn wearing Halloween costumes.

My Hero Academia Chibi Character Enamel Pins

I am a huge chibi fan. They’re just so cute! These chibi enamel pins are a great merch option for anyone who likes to go aww over their favorite characters.

My Hero Academia Apprentice Hero Pins

If you’re a cosplayer or just a fan of pretending to be an apprentice hero yourself, go ahead and stock up on one of these pins.

My Hero Academia Art and Decor

My Hero Academia Canvas Wall Art of Todoroki Shotos Quirk

A five-canvas piece of wall art is the perfect thing to brighten up the empty walls of your bedroom/living room/kitchen (wherever in the house has space). I mean, just look at it. It’s gorgeous!

My Hero Academia Todoroki Shoto Plush Doll

If you don’t have that much space for merch, might I suggest a little Shoto plush instead? He’s very soft.

My Hero Academia Midoriya Izuku Plush Doll

Or, if you’d prefer an Izuku, that’s also an option.

My Hero Academia Character Stickers

If you prefer to be creative and merch-ify all the normal stuff in your house instead, these stickers will help!

My Hero Academia Cosplay

My Hero Academia Cosplay Character Provisional Hero License

For all the cosplayers who don’t have the tools to make their own provisional licenses, why not purchase one? You can also request a custom license for your OC.

My Hero Academia Womens Uniform

Creating a hero or villain uniform might be the fun part, but these U.A. uniforms are also pretty fun to cosplay in.

My Hero Academia Mens Uniform

If you’re not a skirt fan, grab the version that comes with pants.

My Hero Academia Character Magnetic Bookmarks

And finally, since this is a bookish website, we’ve got to include these adorable magnetic bookmarks.