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Murderbot Merch To Show Off Your Murderbot Diaries Love

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Tika Viteri

Staff Writer

Tika writes from her home office in Pittsburgh, PA, accompanied by 3 grey cats and many, many plants. When not plonking away on a keyboard, she can be found painting, knitting, gardening, and casting the occasional spell or two -- all usually accompanied by a glass of wine.

First of all, if you haven’t read The Murderbot Diaries by Martha Wells, run — do not walk — and start with All Systems Red. I cannot fully explain the joy I experienced while reading these books; it’s a very “IYKYK” type of series. I first encountered Murderbot because someone asked me if I’d read it, I said no, and their face lit up like I’d given them a precious gift. “FINE,” I replied. “I’ll give it a shot, but I don’t usually like short stories,” then promptly plowed through every available word written thus far.

Our hero is a mechanical Security Unit — SecUnit to humans, but Murderbot to itself — built for security and combat, but who has a very dull life. Eventually, they hack the governor module of their interface, which in turn gives them bodily autonomy and allows them to watch soap operas instead of interacting with humans. SecUnit finds itself with a vested interest in the preservation of its current human crew, knowing it would be destroyed if someone In Charge discovered that humans can no longer control the unit.

That, as they say, is where the hijinks ensue. If you, like Murderbot, would prefer to be watching The Rise and Fall of Sanctuary Moon instead of interacting with humans, show your preference with some Murderbot merch.

A black t-shirt with a stylized sunset and an astronaut-style bust. The text reads, "UGH... EMOTIONS"

SecUnit struggles with its emotions. If you do too, this shirt is for you! $23 from HappyFridayCo.

A grey adult-sized hoodie with an orange and red graphic that reads "The Rise and Fall of Sanctuary Moon"

Snuggle into this cozy hoodie featuring the best soap opera we’ve never seen! $29+ from KingLewisStore.

A white t-shirt with "i heart MURDERBOT" in black letters with a red heart.

If you don’t already love Murderbot, I guarantee you will. Get ahead of your obsession by ordering this shirt early! $24 from girlieamidesigns.

A black t-shirt with white writing that says "Miki & Hirune & SecUnit & Don Abene"

You know the style, you know the series. Put them together and you have a charmingly obscure reference that fellow SecUnits will identify immediately. $22 from TeePublic.

A white pin with a humanoid figure shooting a gun to the left. The text reads "The Murderbot Diaries."

A great pin for your collection! Put it on your jean jacket or your bag and declare your allegiance to SecUnit to the world. $4 on MuchHmdn’s RedBubble store.

A sticker that says "MURDERBOT" with an image of a brain that is half organic, half mechanical.

Who DOESN’T need another sticker for their water bottle collection? $3 on Batartiste’s RedBubble store.

A black phone case with a fantastical space creature. Above its head, a speech bubble says "I heart murder."

Enjoy your secret obsession with Murderbot with this esoteric original art by thexstore on RedBubble for $27. The pictured case is for an iPhone, but there are several different models available.

A white sticker with a gray logo and the word "GRAYCHRIS" at the bottom.

Do you find yourself on the side of the real-life enemy, Graycris? Show off your villainy with — what else? — a sticker! $4 from CrownandThistle’s RedBubble store.

A black t-shirt with "ART SENT ME" in green 8-bit writing

If Art sends you, your enemies should know they’re in big, big trouble. Give them a chance to run first! $21+ from HappyFridayCo.

A spiral journal with a logo for The Rise and Fall of Sanctuary Moon on the cover

Who doesn’t need a new notebook to write down all your thoughts about the best space soap opera never produced? $14 from kinglewis’s RedBubble store.

A mug with an Art Nouveau-style poster for The Rise and Fall of Sanctuary Moon

Speaking of things we all have a lot of but always seem to have room for one more, you could enjoy your morning coffee a lot more if you were also repping some Sanctuary Moon. :sips: $16 from TeePublic.

There you go, fellow fans! I hope you enjoy your new merch and that it helps you, too, find those who have not yet read The Murderbot Diaries and can help them see the light.