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15 Lovely Mugs with Books and Cats on ‘Em

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Does a reader need anything more than beverages and books and cats? What about…mugs (to drink those beverages from) with books and cats on them? No, it’s not too good to be true. The perfect combination really does exist. Here are 15 gorgeous options for you or the literary feline lover in your life.

Mugs with Books and Cats

Sip your favorite beverage in this adorable mug. $8.

The introvert’s beatbox: Books ‘n cats ‘n books ‘n cats. $15 and up.

Books and cats are where it’s at. Display the truth on this cute mug. $17 and up.

Personalize this mug for the cool cat in your life. $16 and up.

Personalize this mug with your name to make it extra special! $17 and up.

I, too, am easily distracted by cats and books. $16 and up.

Are you seeing the old-lady glasses on this gorgeous cat mug? $15 and up.

Picture yourself sipping out of this lovely mug, which you can get in a few different colors! $16 and up.

This mug with the famous quote and obvious truth about books and cats. $19 and up.

What else do you need in life, really, beyond books and cats and coffee? $18 and up.

Or cozy up with a mug featuring this snoozy cat on a pile o’ books. $15.

This is the kind of squad I can get behind. $20.

Another snoozy cat on a pile o’ books! This time wearing cat-eye (heh) glasses. Because of course. $23 and up.

Show the world your books and cats love with this fabulous Catticus Finch mug. It is the best. $13.

And enjoy your beverage with this lovely mug featuring a snoozing cat on a bookshelf full of cat-related books. $15.

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