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You Can Buy Yourself Flowers. Put Their Stems In Bookish Vases.

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You know you were singing that unavoidable Miley Cyrus song, so don’t pretend otherwise. It’s catchy, and more, the message is one I’ve seen more and more people take seriously: there is something worthwhile in buying yourself flowers. I’ve been a big fan of it since becoming an adult, and though I don’t do it at every grocery trip, I try to once a month or so when the outside world is not yet flush with fresh flora. Though I keep my flowers in a giant terrazzo pitcher, I can’t lie: I’ve been tempted several times to snag a bookish vase to add to my window.

Whether you’re already in the habit of buying flowers or like to grab them occasionally – frankly, even if you don’t get them at all – you might like to find a bookish vase or two for your home as well. Find below a fun range of bookish vases, any of which would make a nice statement. I can see these being useful on bookshelves or desks, too, to store all of the little ephemera that collect (pens, markers, paper clips, and so forth).

Get ready to give your home a little spring refresher, book lover style.

Bookish Vases So You Can Buy Yourself Flowers

Image of a blue and brown transparent vase in the shape of a book.

You can choose from three different color options with this acrylic book vase, including the royal blue (my favorite), a rich brown, or transparent. $60.

Image of several flowers inside a vase in the shape of a book. The book is blue and gold, and it is titled "collected curiosities."

Here’s another series of book vases from which you can choose your style of choice. I love this “Collected Curiosities” option. $50 and up, depending on the option.

Image of a white vase holding tulips. The vase in the shape of a book has gold text that reads "and she lived amazingly ever after."

The perfect bookish vase for fairy tale fans. $37.

set of book ends that are also vases in the shape of a book.

There’s so much to talk about here. First: they’re book vases. Second: they’re book vases with faces. Third: they’re book vases with faces you can use as book ends, too. $37 and up each, depending on what style you choose.

Image of book vase of old, vintage tomes.

These vintage-style book vases can double as potters, too. $35, with some style options to choose from.

johnny rose book shape vase.

This one is for all of the Schitt’s Creek fans out there. $19.

Clear acrylic vase in shape of a book

Keep your favorite flora in a gorgeous clear acrylic book vase. $22.

Image of a clear book vase against a stack of books.

Another option on the clear side is this one. I love the title of this bookish vase: The Mystery of Growth. $17.

through the looking glass themed book vase

Not only is this Alice in Wonderland themed vase whimsical, it’s also vibrant and pretty dang sizable. $28.

Set of two book-shaped vases. One is green and one is blue.

Although they don’t necessarily appear to be books, these are described as book-shaped vases and because they are SO pretty – I might need to grab that green one myself – I’m including them. The perfect mix of modern and vintage. $25.

Front and back images of a bookish vase that is an homage to LITTLE WOMEN.

And finally, if you’re a fan of Little Women, get cozy with this bookish vase. $50.