15 More Bookish Patches to Add Literary Flair to Your Life

We’ve rounded up bookish iron-on patches in the past for your decorating pleasure, but I think we can all agree when it comes to patches on your jean jacket or backpack, more is better. If you’re in the mood for a summer DIY project, we’ve got 15 more bookish patches to add some literary flair to your life!

I’m Going on An Adventure Patch: For the adventurous fantasy fan, perfect for a backpack or carry on bag!

I'm Going on an Adventure Patch

I Choose Kind Wonder Patch: This is a great reminder and message for kids and adults alike!

I Choose Kind Wonder Patch

Don’t Panic Patch: Another important reminder from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy!

Don't Panic Patch

Open Book Iron-On Patch: Simple, cute, and totally adorable on a jean jacket! I love the bookmark!

Open Book Patch

Book Club Merit Badge: Because slogging through someone else’s picks sometimes warrants some recognition.

Book Club Merit Badge

Ghostly Book of Shadows Patch: For those readers whose book club also happens to be a coven!

Ghostly Shadow Book Patch

YA Book Worm Patch: For the YA fandom lover!

YA Book Worm PatchLibrary Patch: For the old-school library power user!

Library Patch

Just One More Chapter Patch: If you say it often enough, you might as well just get it on a patch!

Just One More Chapter Patch

Lost in Books Patch: No, I don’t have a bad sense of direction, I’m just lost in a book.

Lost in Books Patch

Go Away, I’m Reading Cat Patch: For book nerds and cat lovers who just want to be left alone.
Go Away I'm Reading Cat Patch

Spell Book Patch: To complete your bookish witch aesthetic.

Spell Book Patch

Read Patch: Sometimes the simpler, the better.

Read Patch

Book Nerd Patch: This is simple and sweet, but somehow hardcore at the same time.

Book Nerd Patch

Read More Patch: Sometimes something simple is all you need to get your message across.

Read More Patch