More Adorable Animals Reading Books

Ashley Bowen

Staff Writer

Ashley Bowen earned a PhD in American Studies and Public Humanities in December 2016. Her research focuses on the history of health, medicine, and social services in the period from the American Civil War to World War I. When she isn't feeling existential angst about finishing her dissertation, she works as a part-time bookseller and plans adventures as a field agent for Atlas Obscura. A Texas native now living in Washington, DC, she has been known to travel long distances for a proper breakfast taco and Dr. Pepper. Her writing appears on Book Riot, Atlas Obscura, museum blogs, and in various "serious" academic journals. Twitter: @aebowenPhD

We get it, it’s hard to come back from the weekend. Even if you have today off, the last 72-hours or so have been a real doozy. So, enjoy these pictures we found on Flickr of “adorable animals reading books.” You deserve it.

Go ahead, try not to squee.

Rabbit looking for a book

This bunny, photographed by Flickr user Bagsgroove, is looking for just the right book to read next.

Confused Pug Reading

This poor, confused pug might not be ready for his science test tomorrow. A great pic from Carlos Pacheco!

Cat viewing an e-reader

Flickr user Housewolf’s cat is 100% over the e-readers v. paper books debate.


Unlike that cat, this pup cannot quit the paper book and its delicious smell. Nice photograph, Twinkle Enyong!

Dog laughing at a book

It’s always a good sign when, like this dog, you notice a funny footnote on the first page of your textbook. Glad you captured this response, Barrett Hall.

Tired Kitten Reading

This kitty refuses to admit it’s time for bed. She just wants to read one. more. chapter. How do you handle it, Worak?

Dog asleep on his book

This sweet pup, photographed by Kathleen Tyler Conklin, read himself to sleep. We’ve all been there, dude.

Cat Asleep on a Copy of Schiller

We’re smitten with this picture by Tommy H. Olesen.  This kitten loves the German poet, Schiller, so much she snuggles the book in her sleep.

Many thanks to the Flickr users above who licensed their pet photos using the Creative Commons. If you need even more animals reading, check out our post from February. Hedgehogs into Harry Potter? Yes, please.