More Accidentally Hilarious Sticker Placement: Library Edition

There are lots of examples of hilarious sticker placement on books in the wild. But can you ever really have enough? (No.) So, I asked friends in libraries to give their best examples of awkward sticker placement on library materials. Here are some of the funniest the library world has to offer.

Is this where Sir Mix-a-Lot vacations?

the glass ocean

Submitted by Anonymous

You do you, Red Riding Hood.

red riding hood

Submitted by Anonymous

Sure, why not?

class mom

Submitted by Stephanie Briggs

It is preferable when it’s visible, I suppose.

the visible poor

Submitted by Jenni Jacobs

Yeah, this one is a movie, but, come on—the sentiment is the same.

stick it

Submitted by Anonymous

Coincidence, or…?


Submitted by Jenny Davis (self-described frustrated school librarian)

Bring me the fat fish!

the obesity code

Submitted by Anonymous

You know what they say about (gl)ass houses…

glass house

Submitted by Anonymous

Who says you can’t be both a baller and a ballerina?

i want to be a ballerina

Submitted by Anonymous

Oh, George Brown.

george brown class clown

Submitted by Anonymous

Check out the spine on this one! (No, really.)

the easter bunny's assistant

Submitted by Anonymous


Well that was fun. Have you run into any awkward and/or hilarious sticker placement at your library? Share in the comments.