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The Best Monster Bookmarks To Add Some Thrills To Your Pages

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Adiba Jaigirdar

Staff Writer

Adiba Jaigirdar is an Irish-Bangladeshi writer, poet, and teacher. She resides in Dublin, Ireland and has an MA in postcolonial studies. She is currently working on her own postcolonial novel and hopes that someday it will see the light of day outside of her computer screen. Twitter: @adiba_j

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With Halloween just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to give your reading a spooky makeover with some monster bookmarks!

As someone who is a total scaredy cat, spending October reading spooky books is not really something I can do, unless I want to lose a lot of sleep. But thankfully, reading horror or spooky books is not the only way to get into the seasonal spirit. Nor is it the only way to add a little spookiness to our reading lives. These adorable monster bookmarks can help get into the Halloween celebrations, even if you’re not the type of person to pick up a spooky read.

There are also a variety of monster bookmarks, so there’s something for everyone. From bookmarks of all of your classic monsters to adorable monster bookmarks. Bookmarks that are magnetic to bookmarks you can easily make with paper. There are DIY bookmarks to help you stretch your creative muscles, and can be a really fun activity to do with kids. And there are even printable bookmarks, which means you can have these in an instant!

Any of these bookmarks will help you get into the spirit of Halloween, so here are 12 monster bookmarks you should check out!

Image of a book with a green magnetic monster bookmark with one eye and two horns

This magnetic monster bookmark is super adorable! $5

A closed book with a blue lochness monster bookmark peeking out at the top

This loch ness monster bookmark is perfect for all your monstrous reading and it comes in a variety of colours! $10

An open book with a purple monster bookmark attached. Two colourful monster bookmarks are to its side against a brown background.

These origami corner monster bookmarks are cute and easy to make yourself!

An open book with 4 laminated bookmarks on top. Each bookmark is a different Halloween figure: a witch, a mummy, frankenstein, and a vampire

These laminated Halloween bookmarks come with a variety of monsters, including classics like Frankenstein! $11

3 colourful monster bookmarks. Pink monster bookmark with one eye and two horns on the corner of a book. Light pink monster bookmark with lots of eyes and spikes. Blue monster bookmark with 3 eye.

These printable monster bookmarks have a variety of colourful and adorable templates. And they require a little bit of DIY too!

A purple monster bookmark with one eye and horns attached to the corner of an open book

This monster bookmark kit is a perfect Halloween activity for kids! $7

Two paperclip monster bookmarks against a white background.

These cute monster paperclip bookmarks are perfect accompaniments to your reading! $5

An open book with a bookmark of a green zombie walking

This magnetic zombie bookmark is perfect for any spooky read! $5

An open notebook with a blue bookmark featuring colourful monsters. At the bottom in orange against a white background it reads: "I'm a monster good reader"

This printable bookmark is not only really colourful and adorable, but it’s also extremely bookish. Perfect for any reader! $2

3 colourful embroidered monster bookmarks against a white background

These cute embroidered bookmarks are the perfect reading companions for any kids! $8

A handle holding a black bookmark with a vampire reading a red book. The bookmark reads Sink your teeth into a good book.

This vampire-themed bookmark is perfect for all your spooky reads! $3

An open book with three popsickle monster bookmarks of various colours.

These Popsicle bookmarks are the perfect Halloween craft to do with kids!

Of course, after you’ve obtained the perfect monster bookmarks, you may want to try a bookmark that’s a little different! Make sure you check out clever bookmarks for your kids, or some more fun DIY bookmarks…or maybe even these spooky bookmarks!