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“Moms for Libraries” Is Conservative Propaganda



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A new campaign launched through Moms For Liberty is about to create a host of confusion for those working to ensure intellectual freedom. The campaign, “Moms for Libraries,” seeks to infiltrate school libraries with “liberty-minded books.” It was launched by Catherine Rahimian, who founded the Orange County California chapter of Moms for Liberty.

“Moms for Libraries” will be working with Brave Books to launch the campaign.

Moms of Libraries x Brave Books campaign social share

Brave Books is an organization publishing books that “empower[s] this generation’s youth with conservative values” while “glorifying the Lord in all we do.” They call themselves, “a conservative alternative to the current progressive agenda that dominates our culture.” The books are written by a host of conservative pundits and influencers and the stories center around characters defending “Freedom Island.”

The “Moms For Libraries” partnership with Brave Books will fill the pockets of both organizations. In addition to Brave Book donating 1500 books to be shared with the campaign — they’ll be donated to Orange County schools — purchases from the publisher will give 10% back to Moms of Liberty for more conservative book donation initiatives.

Among the titles in Brave Books’s catalog are Elephants Are Not Birds, Little Lives Matter, and More Than Spots and Stripes — 100,000 copies of this anti-critical race theory book were given away on Martin Luther King Day this year. It’s clear what the “values” in said books are.

“Moms for Libraries” is not a group working to ensure intellectual freedom. They’re actively working against it, utilizing language meant to create confusion.

This is the same group claiming the book challenges they’re driving aren’t about the books.

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