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Meet the Panelteers’ Pets: A Petstravaganza (with Comics)

There are not words to express just how much I loved this post on Book Riot. A celebration of pet appreciation week… with books. It is GENIUS I tell you, GENIUS.

We Panelteers can definitely give the Rioters a run for their money when it comes to cute pets so we decided to give you the chance to meet our BFFs.

In case you were wondering why I selflessly volunteered to perform the arduous task of compiling this post I would like to direct you to this gif of my dream life scenario.


So with no further ado, let me introduce you to our best friends, large, small, fluffy, furry, scaly, yarny and smooth, and what they’ve been reading/sitting on/chewing/ignoring this week!

Hattie Kennedy

Freya is my eldest cat and the most regal. She did not appreciate me interrupting her enjoyment of Captain Canuck and her death stare made that pretty clear.


Gog is my littlest kitten, she’ll read anything but her current favourite is Michel Rabagliati’s Paul series.


Magog is slightly less little than Gog but is far more adult in her reading choices. (Should I be letting her read Sex Criminals?)




Jenn Northington

Baby Cthulhu approves of Loki’s methods.


(I definitely want the pattern to make a Baby Cthulhu of my very own!)


Eric Margolis

Eric’s dog Bucky reading Captain America: Winter Soldier is so perfect I might have done a little jig of joy.


Meanwhile Neeko’s excitement at reading Ant Farm cannot be missed



Ardo Omer

Ardo’s Batmen are supporting one of their own, now I want a Batpet!


Ali Colluccio

Ali sent us this picture of Minerva the WonderCat and…

Thor: The Mighty Avenger
Minerva 1

X-Men: Season One
Minerva 2

Minerva 3

Hilda and the Midnight Giant

Minerva 4

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

Minerva 5

…and lastly, Fresh Romance
Minerva 6

And I would like to formally suggest that Ali gives Minerva her own Instagram account because I want to look at this cat ALL THE TIME.


Swapna sent us this ace picture of the Panels Mascot Baby Groot surveying his stack of reading for the week ahead. Baby Groot makes good reading choices!



Becca Sexton

Becca sent these pictures of her cat Nikki enjoying She-Hulk. They’re both still mad about it getting cancelled.


And her cat Eliot with Rat Queens (look at those eyes!).


Paul Montgomery and the Hounds of Justice!

Coco and Lola Montgomery are just chilling in a puddle of sunshine, reading Batgirl and Superman.

Coco and Lola

Lily Montgomery is a fan of the classic, reading Carl Barks’ Donald Duck comics

Abigail Doodle Montgomery, reading We Are Robin #1

Bailey Doodle Montgomery, reading We Are Robin #1

Bailey Doodle

In other news, I am currently working on a fiendishly elaborate plan to steal Lily.

Jon Erik Christianson

Jon sent in this ADORABLE picture of his dog Millie Reading Laika!


(Jon: “I probably shouldn’t tell her how it ends, huh?”)

Marcy J Cook

Marcy’s cat Spike is reading the Bat-Manga anthology, he seems pretty into it, I like it.


Here is her cat Hagrid reading Seconds, Marcy described him as a “large, happy and perennially clumsy Maine Coon” which makes me want to steal meet him all the more.


Marcy’s leucistic leopard gecko Gummi is really into Gon:


Caroline Pruett

Caroline’s Lady Hadassah is beautiful and has amazing taste in comics.

Here’s her Lying Cat impression.

Lady Hadassah

Not to mention her exemplary taste in cuddly toys



Brenna Clarke Gray

Brenna’s cat Chaucer seems to be really enjoying Simone Lia’s Fluffy



So that’s all for now, but you can bet I’ll be pushing for a follow up post next year to see what Gummi, Minerva, Nikki, Coco et al have been enjoying reading.

Please share pictures of your comics loving pets in the comments below!