Meet Our New Comics Site, Panels!

panels logoSo, something pretty rad happened yesterday. Riot New Media Group launched our new comics site, Panels!

What is Panels? Here’s how the Panelteer-in-Chief Paul Montgomery breaks it down.

Panels is a comics site and community.

Here’s how we roll. How we do.

1. We love what we love, irrepressibly.

2.We like to share what we love.
3. We’re not always going to love the same things, and that’s okay.
4. We dig all kinds of comics in many forms and genres. From all over the world.
5. We believe in the power and joy of collaboration.
6. We believe artists are storytellers, not just illustrators.
7. We color outside the lines.
8. We are often ridiculous, but always thoughtful.
9. We’re not gatekeepers and we don’t punch down.
10. We look up. Up, in the sky.

We wanted to drum up a community of seasoned comic book readers as well as novices to the form. That’s who we hope to speak to and also who we are. We looked for a wide array of voices. We found ourselves a chorus, and will continue to grow. Every day we get to play show-and-tell with our favorite new finds. We’re excited about that.

Panels is a celebration of comics, the people who make them, and the people who love them. Come on over and check it out!