Newsletter Advertising

Book Riot offers 32 newsletter options that reach a wide range of readers. Book Riot’s newsletter sponsorships put your ads in front of thousands of engaged readers every single day. We offer everything from general interest to genre-specific. Have a title in mind? Our sales team has years of experience creating tailored campaigns for all genres and is happy to lend their expertise to make your title stand out.

General Interest

Have a book that you think is perfect for a wide audience? Our general interest newsletters are a great place to start.

NewsletterSubscribers/Open RateDescription
The Best of Book Riot ($350)94K/24%Round-up of our top stories
Today in Books ($450)81K/24%Book news
The Goods ($200)54K/33%Bookish items
Book Radar ($200)34K/34%Upcoming titles to watch for
New Books ($450)61K/36%New releases
Read this Book ($200)30K/32%Single title recommendation


of readers have purchased a book recommended via one of our newsletters.

Themed Newsletters

Themed newsletters are inspired by the broad topics our readers enjoy. These lists are categorized into genre, librarian and new release, diverse voices, and activism.

Sponsorship for our themed newsletters includes the following: “Presented by” text, 970×550 image (provided by the client), product synopsis, and a click-thru URL to a landing page of choice.

Themed NewslettersSubscribers/Open RateDescription
Kissing Books ($200)32K/26%Romance
What’s Up in YA ($500)65K/31%Young Adult
The Fright Stuff ($250)26K/33%Horror
The Stack ($200)27K/28%Comics/Graphics Novels
Past Tense ($150)20K/32%Historical Fiction
Swords & Spaceships ($350)60K/30%Sci-fi/Fantasy
Unusual Suspects ($350)61K/30%Mystery/Thriller
True Story ($150)31K/30%Non-fiction
The Kids Are All Right ($250)27K/31%Children’s
Check Your Shelf ($400)40K/33%Libraries
In the Club ($150)25K/32%Book Club
In Reading Color ($150)24K/22%BIPOC
Our Queerest Shelves ($250)21K/24%LGBTQIA+
Literary Activism ($150)18K/28%Activism

Deals Newsletters

A newsletter of hand-curated book deals selected daily by our editors.

NewsletterSubscribers/Open Rate
Book Riot Deals ($650)229K/24%
YA Deals ($250)65K/32%
Mystery/Thriller Deals ($350)61K/31%
Romance Deals ($150)32K/31%
Sci-fi/Fantasy Deals ($350)60K/31%
Children’s Deals ($150)27K/32%


of our audience reads eBooks

Dedicated Blasts

Our dedicated blasts include a 680×800 creative, dedicated to your title(s). This is a great option if you’re looking to include multiple titles in one creative.

NewsletterSubscribers/Open Rate
Dedicated Blast ($950)58K/30%
YA Blast ($400)20K/29%
Mystery/Thriller Blast ($800)37K/30%
Romance Blast ($300)13K/31%
Sci-fi/Fantasy Blast ($450)24K/28%
Audiobooks Blast ($450)15K/36%
Author Dedicated eBlast ($2,500)18K/22%
Canadian Dedicated Blast ($300)4.5K/18%


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