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We offer ad campaigns composed of multiple ad products spanning website, newsletter, and podcast categories. Each campaign is flexible and can be tailored to focus on specific genres, formats, and platforms.

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Website Advertising

Our primary product, the Book Riot website, is one of the oldest and most reputable independent publications of its kind.

Our newsletters reach millions of highly engaged daily users who seek out our unique content.

Podcast Advertising

Our network of podcasts covers a breadth of genres and range from broad to hyperfocused, just like your audience.

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Audience Demographics

Our partners succeed by focusing on the audiences that care about their products and services, and we’re pros at finding that magical overlap.

Ad Specs

Our suite of ad products is composed of standardized units, and some of our own. For full details visit the pages listed here.

Email Acquisition

We also offer the ability to provide your business or organization with the data you need to succeed in your next email marketing campaign. All email data is ethically gathered and distributed, with care for all parties concerned and in compliance with all current regulations.

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