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Mary Oliver Prints To Bring Nature, Healing, and Inspiration To Your Home

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One of my yoga teachers regularly reads “Wild Geese” by Mary Oliver to start class. It’s always one of those poems that’s a reminder of the power of listening to ourselves, and it was a poem I’ll always associate, too, with the memory of one of our community who died by suicide last fall, rattling all of us who saw her as a staple in our studio.

I took to reading that poem, as well as a number of others, as I’ve taught, too. There’s power in the simplicity, especially in the observations of the natural world.

Last year, when we lost Mary Oliver, I pulled together a collection of prints featuring her words. In honor of Earth Day, the sorrow and fears and anxieties and uncertainties we’re all feeling right now, it just seems right to revisit Oliver’s powerful words.  Find below an assortment of incredible Mary Oliver prints, with an emphasis on prints featuring natural landscapes and scenery.

Take a deep breath. Listen to the soft animal of your body. Be tender. Nature continues. You will, too.

Mary Oliver Prints

From Mary Oliver’s “Whispered Poem.” $8.

Choose from a few sizes for this Mary Oliver print of “Sleeping In The Forest.” $14.25 and up.

This one really hits me hard. “Our Real Work” is available in a few sizes, starting at $14.25.

This is a print pair—one with Mary Oliver’s “Why I Wake Early” and one with a lovely handful of flowers—and it’s an instant download, so you can buy it and hang it immediately. $9.

The script with the flock of geese makes this Mary Oliver print of “Wild Geese” just so special. $15.50 and up.

I’m obsessed with the styling of this take on “Wild Geese.” $12.50 and up.

This giclée flora print paired with “The Journey” is so beautiful. $6.50 and up.

How I linger to admire, admire, admire. This is “Heavy.” You can download this one immediately after purchase. $5.

Such a beautiful watercolor rendering of “When I Am Among the Trees.” $40.

This painting is gorgeous, isn’t it? Pair it with Mary Oliver’s “Mindful” and you’ve got something really special. $14.25 and up with size options.

“We need beauty” made within a beautiful floral and geometric design. $10 and up, depending on size, and you can get this one framed, too.

A print from “In Blackwater Woods.” $5 for a digital download.

This is another instant download, and I love the way that it’s been styled with the hanging frame edges. “What I Have Learned So Far” print is $4.

“Hello, Sun In My Face” is a downloadable print done with a lovely watercolor floral image beside it. $5.

This downloadable print is one of the most memorable Mary Oliver lines: Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” $5.

This isn’t a print, of course, but this stitched banner is beautiful. $8.

This print is going to be a splurge at $87 or more, depending on the typography and dimensions you want. But just look at the beautiful pen and ink bird art, framing Mary Oliver’s words!

One tree is like another tree but not too much.” Yes! $19 and up, depending upon size.

This downloadable print has one of my favorite nuggets of wisdom: “One day you finally know what you had to do and began.” $6.

Last, but not least, if you’re into cross-stitch, you’ll want to purchase this instant Mary Oliver quote cross-stitch pattern. If that quote doesn’t hit you hard, I don’t know what else to say. $4.

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