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March 2021 Horoscopes and Book Recommendations

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Susie Dumond

Senior Contributor

Susie (she/her) is a queer writer originally from Little Rock, now living in Washington, DC. She is the author of QUEERLY BELOVED and the forthcoming LOOKING FOR A SIGN from Dial Press/Random House. You can find her on Instagram @susiedoom.

Welcome to Book Riot’s March 2021 Horoscopes and Book Recommendations! Tons of great new books are hitting shelves this month. But how to know which ones you’ll love? Look to the stars! Find your March horoscope below, paired with a newly released book to add to your TBR.

Aries (March 21–April 19)

Libertie book cover

Libertie by Kaitlyn Greenidge (March 30, Algonquin Books)

Aries should expect the unexpected in March. Your best laid plans will be upended, but if you stay on your toes, this may be a good thing. Improvising is one of your strongest skills. Unpredictability at work makes way for innovation, and new tactics will bring success. Uncertainty in your love life may cause frustrations, but it leads to great passion at the end of the month. Check out Libertie by Kaitlyn Greenidge, a historical fiction novel set in Reconstruction-era Brooklyn. Libertie’s life has been guided by her mother, a smart and driven Black physician who wants her daughter to follow in her footsteps. But Libertie, who is more drawn to music than science, dreams of forging her own path. When she falls in love and follows a man to Haiti, she learns hard truths about what freedom means for a Black woman.

Taurus (April 20–May 20)

The Final Revival of Opal & Nev book cover

The Final Revival of Opal & Nev by Dawnie Walton (March 30, 37 Ink)

Don’t be afraid of change, Taurus. You’re really fond of your comfort zone, but it won’t serve you well in March. Family life and your career are stagnant, bringing you little satisfaction. Fun can be found in socializing; your charm may bring new friends into your circle. Learning a new skill will be rejuvenating and may help move things forward in your career. Don’t let a big opportunity pass you by this month. Read The Final Revival of Opal & Nev by Dawnie Walton. This fictional oral history spins the tale of a 1970s rock duo, Afro-punk musician Opal and British singer/songwriter Nev. As Opal and Nev consider a reunion, a music journalist interviews them about the band’s rise and fall, and the deadly concert riot that lives on in infamy.

Gemini (May 21–June 20)

The Soul of a Woman book cover

The Soul of a Woman by Isabel Allende (March 2, Ballantine Books)

You’re ready to move forward, Gemini. The past two months left you feeling stagnant, and March is the right time for a big step. Single Geminis are positioned to find a lasting relationship. At work, your curiosity and initiative gain the attention of supervisors. Let boredom be your motivation to break the mold. Health may cause problems in March; pay attention to your body’s needs. You might enjoy The Soul of a Woman, a new memoir by legendary author Isabel Allende. Allende has been a feminist since kindergarten, when she watched her mother struggle to raise three children alone. This memoir is an ode to feminism, tracking Allende’s life through the 1960s feminist wave, as she established herself as a writer, and as she fought for the life her mother couldn’t have.

Cancer (June 21–July 22)

Feelings: A Story in Seasons book cover

Feelings: A Story in Seasons by Manjit Thapp (March 2, Random House)

Cancers are feeling introspective in March. You’re focused on your own needs this month. This will benefit you when it comes to self-care, personal growth, and romantic relationships. However, it may cause drama with family and halt progress at work. Social events are especially draining for you in March. Don’t push yourself to do things just because others say so; listen to your gut. You should read Feelings: A Story in Seasons by Manjit Thapp. Traveling through the seasons, Thapp’s art follows her own changing emotions and moods as they mirror the weather. It’s a visually interesting and creative way of expressing how we as humans are really just sophisticated plants who need water, sunshine, and good soil to thrive.

Leo (July 23–August 22)

Yolk book cover

Yolk by Mary H.K. Choi (March 2, Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers)

You don’t have to go it alone this month, Leo. You’ve got energy and motivation to do big things; this can lead to career success in March. But when faced with a problem, you tend to try to handle it yourself. Sometimes taking all the glory isn’t worth working alone. Bring in loved ones and trusted advisors if the burden grows too heavy. After all, celebrations are better when shared. You might enjoy Yolk by Mary H.K. Choi. Jayne always imagined life would be different when she moved to New York, but she’s got the same problems and lack of direction. Her older sister June lives in New York too, but feels worlds away in her fancy apartment and cushy finance job. But when a cancer diagnosis leads them to commit insurance fraud, they must relearn to navigate their sibling relationship as adults.

Virgo (August 23–September 22)

Firekeeper's Daughter book cover

Firekeeper’s Daughter by Angeline Boulley (March 16, Henry Holt & Co.)

You love puzzles, Virgo. March brings many tricky problems, and you will find great joy in finding the perfect solution. When others around you hit roadblocks, they will look to you to help them move forward. While this month won’t be without stress, your ability to problem solve will bring plenty of satisfaction. Communication is your superpower in March; use your words wisely. I recommend Firekeeper’s Daughter by Angeline Boulley. Born from a scandalous relationship between a wealthy white woman and an Ojibwe tribal leader, teenager Daunis has always felt like an outsider to the nearby reservation. But after witnessing a murder, she’s sent in undercover to gather intel as the deaths pile up. She learns how far she’ll go to protect the community that never before felt like hers.

Libra (September 23–October 22)

Black Girl, Call Home book cover

Black Girl, Call Home by Jasmine Mans (March 9, Berkley)

Let people take care of you this month, Libra. You tend to be the mom friend, always stepping in to support and pamper your loved ones. In March, you might be the one in need of a little extra support. Work and money troubles are wearing you down. You’ve taken on more than you can handle. Let your family and friends take the lead for once. In love, you may find a new dynamic suits you. Check out Black Girl, Call Home by Jasmine Mans. This coming-of-age poetry collection explores queerness, Blackness, womanhood, and belonging. Jasmine Mans is a poet to watch, and her debut collection will take your breath away.

Scorpio (October 23–November 21)

How Beautiful We Were book cover

How Beautiful We Were by Imbolo Mbue (March 9, Random House)

Scorpio should push for change in March. You’ve got vision and a fresh perspective this month. Your ideas could be revolutionary at work, helping you make a big name for yourself. Your social life is also busy; your energy attracts new people into your sphere. Money is tight, though, and things won’t improve for a while. The good news? All that hard work will pay off eventually. Spend wisely until then. Read How Beautiful We Were by Imbolo Mbue. Set in an African village destroyed by an American oil company, the novel shows a community desperate to hold onto their ancestral land. The story centers around a young girl turned revolutionary, Thula, and is told by the children and family who witnessed her journey.

Sagittarius (November 22–December 21)

Wild Women and the Blues book cover

Wild Women and the Blues by Denny S. Bryce (March 30, Kensington)

Celebrate incremental wins, Sagittarius. You know what you want and quickly grow frustrated when reality doesn’t line up with your plans. Your progress will be slowed in March, but don’t throw in the towel. If you hit a wall, try switching directions. When you feel drained, fulfillment can be found in supporting others. Do something helpful for a loved one or spend time volunteering. You should read Wild Women and the Blues by Denny S. Bryce. In Jazz-era Chicago, Honoree Dalcour is a chorus girl who would risk anything for the good life. Almost a hundred years later, film student Sawyer interviews Honoree, the only living link to the filmmaker at the center of his thesis. As Honoree’s secrets slowly unfold, Sawyer tries to hide the devastating loss that recently turned his world upside down.

Capricorn (December 22–January 19)

Home is Not a Country book cover

Home is Not a Country by Safia Elhillo (March 2, Make Me a World)

Many of Capricorn’s problems in March can be solved with an attitude adjustment. Don’t worry, you can still blame the stars for your mood. Things are unpredictable this month, and you don’t thrive in uncertainty. Don’t take your frustrations out on loved ones; compartmentalizing your anger can work wonders. Your best bet is to stay adaptable and look for the good in changing circumstances. Check out Home is Not a Country by Safia Elhillo. This novel-in-verse is told from the perspective of teenage Sudanese American Nima, who feels like an outsider in her suburban town. As her life is flipped upside down, she grows obsessed with the name her parents almost gave her, Yasmeen, and with the life she might have led with a different name.

Aquarius (January 20–February 18)

The Dating Plan book cover

The Dating Plan by Sara Desai (March 16, Berkley)

Love is in the air, Aquarius! You’re full of passion and curiosity this month, opening you up to wonderful romantic encounters. Creativity and expression are also at peak, guiding artistic endeavors to fruition. However, your focus on love and art may cause distractions at home and work. Try to keep the trains on schedule in your career and personal life so you can follow your passions wherever they lead. Read The Dating Plan by Sara Desai. As children, Daisy had a big crush on her brother’s friend Liam. Now she’s a software engineer and he’s a venture capitalist, both leading career-driven lives and disappointing their marriage-minded families. When they hatch a plan for a fake engagement, they don’t expect their old crushes to resurface, but their chemistry has other plans.

Pisces (February 19–March 20)

Of Women and Salt book cover

Of Women and Salt by Gabriela Garcia (March 30, Flatiron Books)

Pisces must practice patience in March. Life is moving at a sluggish pace while you’re ready to jump into action. Forcing things won’t help if the timing isn’t right. Take on smaller goals while you wait for your moment. Some healthy competition may provide an outlet; games or sports can alleviate your stress. It’s also a good month for your finances. Use that extra income to treat yourself! Check out Of Women and Salt by Gabriela Garcia. The story begins in modern-day Miami with Jeanette, a daughter of Cuban immigrants struggling with drug addiction. When her neighbor Gloria is detained by ICE, Jeanette takes in Gloria’s daughter and is forced to reckon with her own family trauma. The story then travels back through five generations of mothers and daughters, each burdened by the difficult choices of motherhood and family legacy.

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