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Major Publishers Change Their Ebook Contracts With Libraries: Critical Linking, June 24, 2019

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“Penguin Random House comprises the vast majority of ebooks published on a yearly basis and Macmillan and Hachette almost comprise of the rest. These companies have recently revised their contracts with the public library. Libraries will now have to purchase ebooks that are only good for two year contracts and then will have to devote the resources to see what books they want to buy again and which ones they do not. This is a far cry from the old policy which only had the library make a one time purchase for every ebook they wanted and could loan it out with abandon. Major publishers are now deliberately sabotaging the library system and their rational is they don’t want to devalue their front-list books and want people to buy them, instead of borrow them.”

I don’t think this is deliberate sabotage, but I do think this does a huge disservice to so many communities that rely on the library system and punishes readers for not being able to afford a book when it publishes.

“As a best-selling author, producer and director, Janet Mock has demonstrated she knows how to bring her vision to thrilling, vivid life,” says Cindy Holland, Netflix VP of original content. “She’s a groundbreaker and creative force who we think will fit right in here at Netflix.”

Cannot be more here for Janet Mock’s overall deal with Netflix!

“Some idiot kid,” says my mother, “probably told Noah he can’t be Peter Pan because Noah is black and Peter Pan is white, so he figures his only other choice is to be MLK.” “No, no,” I say. “Trust me,” says my mother. “I know how this stupid world works.”

A beautiful essay: Sorry, Peter Pan, We’re Over You.

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