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Clever, Cute, and Useful Magnetic Bookmarks You Need In Your Reading Life

Magnet bookmarks are having a moment. Or rather, they’ve been having a moment for a bit. Magnetic bookmarks are, for the most part, inexpensive, and can be made into a wide variety of fun designs. But what’s likely making them so popular is a combination of the fact that they stay in place without marring book pages and the fact that so many are used alongside bullet journals and other awesome planners.


Awesome magnetic bookmarks


Find below an assortment of cute, clever, and useful magnetic bookmarks. I’ve included animals, colorful designs, and more, and nearly all of them are $5 or under…so if you see a few you like, go ahead and splurge a little bit.


Magnetic Bookmarks

Gold metallic magnetic bookmark


Gold metallic magnetic bookmark, $5.


Cactus magnetic bookmark set


Set of cactus bookmarks, $3 and up.


Holographic magnetic bookmarks


Check out these holographic designs—and you get four! $4.60.


Cassette Tape Magnetic Bookmarks


Relive the glory days with these awesome cassette tape magnetic bookmarks, $5.40 and up.


Blue Butterfly Magnetic Bookmark


Love butterflies? This blue butterfly bookmark is for you. $2.


Giraffe magnetic bookmark


This magnet is for giraffe fans. $5.


Dinosau Magnetic Bookmark


Can’t get enough dinosaurs? Here’s another! $2.20 and up.


Bookstack magnetic bookmark


Go meta with this stack of books bookmark, $3.


"You Fell Asleep Here" magnetic bookmark


“You fell asleep here” is not a reflection of a book’s content, but about human biological needs. $5.


Marbled magnetic bookmark set


How pretty are these marbled magnets? $4.


Rainbow magnetic bookmark


Rainbow magnetic bookmark, $5.


Sacred Geometry Magnetic Bookmark


Sacred geometry + orange sparkles = cool bookmark. $4 and up.


Best Friend Magnetic Bookmarks


Share a bookmark with your best friend. Set is $6.25.


Mustache Magnetic Bookmark


The perfect mustache bookmark, $2.


Gold Herringbone Magnetic Bookmark


Keep your place in a stylish and fancy way with this gold herringbone bookmark, $5.


Heart-shaped sunglasses magnetic bookmark


Red shades are always in style. $4.80.


Narwhal magnetic bookmark


Perhaps you need a nerdy narwhal bookmark in your life? If so, this one is $5 and up.


Leather Magnetic Bookmark


If you want to invest a little bit more money into a magnetic bookmark, you can get one made out of leather. $19.15 and up.


Classic Author Magnetic Bookmarks


Grab a set of bookmarks featuring your favorite classic authors, including Poe, Billy Shakes, Jane Austen, and/or Lovecraft. They’re $5 each or $18 for the set.


Rose magnetic bookmark set


Pick up a set of three rose bookmarks for $8.21.


Cute Magnetic Bookmark Set


There’s really no better way to categorize this set of bookmarks other than being a cool set of bookmarks. $6.60.


Baroque Flower Magnetic Bookmark


This one is pretty and fancy. $9.50 and up.


Owl magnetic bookmark


How can you resist such a charming owl? $2.40.


Brightly Colored Magnetic Bookmarks


This set of brightly colored magnetic bookmarks includes an anchor, a typewriter, and a bicycle. $4.10.


Science beaker magnetic bookmarks


These science beakers are too cute for words. $5.


book club magnetic bookmark

The perfect bookmark for your book club book. $3.


Succulent magnetic bookmark


Select the perfect succulent bookmark from among eight designs. $5.


Adorable Shiba Inu Dog Magnetic Bookmarks


You probably need these Shiba Inus. $2.75 and up.


Cat with Donut magnetic bookmark


Cat with donut magnetic bookmark, $3.50.

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Chevron magnetic bookmark


Keep it simple and stylish with a chevron bookmark. $5.


Fox magnetic bookmark set


Get foxy! This set of fox bookmarks is $7 for all four.

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Fireflies in a mason jar magnetic bookmark


Fireflies glowing in a mason jar bookmark. $5.50.


polka dot bookmark


Keep it simple with this black and white polka dot magnetic bookmark. $2.


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