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Once Upon a Time: Magical Items for Fairycore Lovers

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Carolina Ciucci


Carolina Ciucci is a teacher, writer and reviewer based in the south of Argentina. She hoards books like they’re going out of style. In case of emergency, you can summon her by talking about Ireland, fictional witches, and the Brontë family. Twitter: @carolinabeci

Fairycore is the more ethereal cousin of goblincore: this aesthetic is all about magic, and finding the beauty and whimsy in nature. Influenced by fairytales, mythology, and folklore, it includes all the staples of nature-focused aesthetics (such as flowers and mushrooms) while also including a side of magic and fantasy. In other words: it includes all the best of both worlds.

Because there’s no consensus on whether fairies are good or evil, there is more variety in terms of the visuals of fairycore compared to cottagecore and goblincore. Pastels coexist with jewel and earth tones, for example. When it comes down to it, an enjoyment of nature, magic, and the link between both is all you need to determine if fairycore might be for you.

Are you still undecided? Then answer yes or no to these questions: a) do you enjoy gazing at the moon and stars? b) are picnics one of your preferred activities? c) do you frequently wish that your home looked like a witch‘s lair? If you answered in the affirmative to at least two of these, then you’re very likely to enjoy an aesthetic that is all about adding a dash of whimsy to everyday life and understanding that nature is magical in and of itself. Shall we?

Handmade vintage journal
Vintage leather journal

Both fairy tale princesses and witches would adore this gorgeous handmade leather journal. $33

Copper mini snails
Two pure copper mini snails

Nothing says “fairycore” more than adorable animal ornaments. These two copper mini snails will give a touch of whimsy to any desk, bedside table, or windowsill. $26

Enchanted forest bookmarks
Enchanted forest bookmark, set of 4. $13

Bookmarks are a reader’s necessity. But when they come in the form of this enchanting set, they’ll add magic to your reading. $13

Mushroom throw pillow cover
Mushroom throw pillow cover, $9,73

It’s Reader’s Décor 101: when in doubt, add throw pillows. Make it extra fairycore-y with this adorable mushroom pillow cover. $10

Fairy junk journal kit
Fairy junk journal kit

If you’re into scrapbooking, this downloadable fairy junk journal kit is as fairycore as it gets. $5

Miniature victorian fairy investigation set
Printable miniature fairy investigation set

Channel your inner Arthur Conan Doyle with this printable miniature fairy investigation set. $4

My Little Book of Spells planner
My Little Book of Spells planner

If you’ve always considered “witch” to be a compliment, this stunning planner is a must-have. Packaged as a book of spells, it’ll help you achieve that oh-so-elusive magic of staying up-to-date with everyday life. $31

Fairy wing earrings
Fairy wing earrings

Fairy wing earrings. Need I say more? $11

Set of dark fairytale bookmarks
Set of dark fairy tale bookmarks

Dark fairytales are the best fairytales. Dark fairytale bookmarks, it follows, are the best bookmarks. A set of three for $5.

Fairy Book Style Wooden Box
Fairy Book Style Wooden Box

Who said storage must be boring? This fairy book–style wooden box will add a hint of magic to the most mundane of belongings. If you want twice the magic, use it to store cards and letters. $28

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