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A Magical Deadpool Dance-Off

Monica Friedman

Staff Writer

Monica Friedman has a Dewey Decimal tattoo, a master's degree in creative writing, and 270° of floor to ceiling bookshelves in her home office. She left a lucrative career crafting web content for search engine optimization to throw her life away on starving artistry and has never been happier. Her passions include childhood literacy, dark chocolate, and macro photography, and she has been known to lecture strangers about race/class/gender/sexuality until her audience's eyes glaze over and they wander away. Monica lives with 1 husband, 2 stepkids, and a terrible cat in the dry heat of Tucson, Arizona. You can read short reviews of every book she's read since December 2006 at Dragon's Library and check out her original words and pictures on Twitter: @QWERTYvsDvorak

Friday night at Phoenix Comicon two Deadpools’ eyes met across a crowded dance floor at Jareth the Goblin King’s Masquerade Ball, and what happened next was magical for everyone.

deadpool dance off 1

It was as if it was meant to be. As if these two antiheroes were made for each other. As if the universe had decreed they must come together, at this place, at this time, to share a breathtaking moment of beauty and joy. They saw each other, and somehow, they just knew.

deadpool dance off 2

What followed was inevitable. Having sized one another up and liking what they saw, the two Deadpools immediately began trying to impress each other with their grace, strength, and physical prowess. Muscles were flexed. Feats were performed.

deadpool dance off 3-1

I mean, they were really trying to impress each other.

deadpool dance off 4

And it worked! They were amazed at what they saw, but their eyes did not deceive them. It was like a dream come true. Or a fantasy. A beautiful, perfect fantasy.

deadpool dance off 5

Soon they were moving together to their mutual joy and satisfaction, as well as the satisfaction of those around them. Nothing could have felt more right.

deadpool dance off 6-1

Yes, truly, the world is a more magical place with dancing Deadpools in it.