Random House Children’s Books Launches MAGIC TREE HOUSE Home Adventures

Jaime Herndon


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By now, if you’re a parent (or even if you’re not), you’ve probably seen the myriad posts of THINGS YOUR CHILD CAN DO FROM HOME! Your children’s school(s) may have posted or sent out links upon links to virtual field trips, tours, activities, and much, much more. You may be sick of it all or completely overwhelmed with the amount of virtual activities your child can take advantage of. But—and there’s always a but, right—you may be looking for something else or something new.

If you or your kids have read The Magic Tree House series, which has sold more than 143 million copies and been translated into 34 languages, you’re in luck.

On Monday, April 27, Random House Children’s Books, together with Mary Pope Osborne, will be launching Magic Tree House Home Adventures. There are crafts, activities, games, and more, all related to weekly themes. Families can share their activities on Instagram using the hashtag #MTHAdventures for a chance to be highlighted on the Random House Children’s Books IG at @RandomHouseKids.

Magic Tree House Home Adventures

“Magic Tree House Home adventures is my way of connecting with readers, parents and educators during this challenging time,” says Osborne. “Random House and I have worked together to create fun, new ways to learn and play with Jack and Annie. I’ll speak to readers in weekly videos, answer questions, and read from Magic Tree Books. I’ve always loved hearing from my readers and can’t wait to interact with them in this brand new way.”

Each Monday, material will be released for that week based on a theme, including a weekly MTH Family Trivia Night, crafts, recipes, and more. Osborne will also post videos on Mondays and Fridays where she’ll answer questions that have been submitted by readers and also read from her books. Writing prompts, resource guides, sing-alongs, audio clips, and cross-curricular activities are also on the site.

If you’re looking for something new to try with your kids, tune in on Monday, April 27!