14 Luxury Harry Potter Gifts for Adults

Growing up does not mean that one has to give up on their fandoms. These items are a bit more expensive than the average Harry Potter merch, but that just means you will appreciate these items that much more, and for that much longer. You’ll want one of everything, and for those of you who have enough money to accomplish that…I hope you’re feeling generous. Here’s a guide to luxury Harry Potter gifts that every fan of the wizarding world will enjoy.

luxury harry potter gifts for adults

Luxury Harry Potter Gifts: The Books

Leather-Bound Harry Potter Books

Leather Bound Harry Potter Books Etsy

This set is an example of the work offered by Oliver’s Handcrafts. Each set is highly customizable, depending on your preference of edition and coloring. Artificial leather is also available as an option. $627.79

Luxury Harry Potter Gifts: For the Home

Harry Potter Hedwig Jewelry Cage

Harry Potter Hedwig Jewelry Cage Pottery Barn

From the PBTeen Harry Potter Collection, $99

Harry Potter Mirror of Erised Jewelry Wall Cabinet

Harry Potter Mirror of Erised Jewelry Wall Cabinet

From the PBTeen Harry Potter Collection, $399

Harry Potter Mermaid Stained Glass Window

Harry Potter Mermaid Stained Glass Window Etsy

Art Brothers Glass recreated the beautiful mermaid stained glass window in the film version of Harry Potter and the Goblet of FireThey’ve added some additional details, giving the window a depth that the movie prop was lacking. It’s better than the original. $2,800

Harry Potter Golden Snitch Starburst Mirror

Harry Potter Golden Snitch Starburst Mirror Etsy

A bit of “sneaky geeky decor” for your entryway. Note that mirror orders will take a few weeks for order processing. From SamjenArts, $133

Harry Potter Crib Bedding

Harry Potter Crib Bedding Etsy

It’s our duty to pass a love of Harry Potter on to the next generation. Besides, baby deserves a little luxury, too. From BedBugsCreations, $750

Luxury Harry Potter Gifts: Collectibles

Replica Harry Potter Quidditch Set

Full Replica Harry Potter Quidditch Set Etsy

While not designed for practical use, it sure looks like the real thing! Each set comes mounted for display. Made to order by Rustic Revelation, $275

Harry Potter Book Sculpture

Harry Potter Book Sculpture Etsy

This made-to-order sculpture is made by folding, cutting, and gluing book pages together to create this magical landscape, complete with owls on their postal rounds. From MalenaValcarcel, $1311.55 

Harry Potter And The Game of MOnopoly

Harry Potter and the Game of Monopoly Etsy

This is not something that can be bought in stores. It’s the game of Monopoly set in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and it looks like so much fun! From GamesGamesGames123, $175 

P.S. You can get a house-themed board for $190

Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Lego Set

Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Lego Set

Not only do you get to pretend to be one of the giants who had to be involved in the construction of Hogwarts, given its massive size, BUT I bet it doesn’t even hurt if you step on a block. It’s  magic. From Lego, $399.99


Luxury Harry Potter Gifts: Metal and leather

Harry Potter Resurrection Stone Black Onyx Ring 

harry potter resurrection ring black onyx etsy

The double-split band features a lightning bolt and the deathly hallows symbols that have been hand drawn, cut, and forged in sterling silver. From SterlingFeather925, $260

Harry Potter Leather Hogwarts Notebook

Leather Hogwarts Notebook Etsy

Created using a multi-level 3D leather stamping, this gorgeous notebook comes with a metal Hogwarts bookmark inside. From Furmani, $263

Harry Potter Marauder’s Bag

Harry Potter Marauder Bag Hide and Geek Leather Etsy


This beautiful bag is just like something a character from the novels would carry around with them, and it features elements from the famous Marauder’s Map. From Hide and Geek Leather, $299.94

Harry Potter sterling Silver Mandrake Root Ring

Harry Potter Sterling Silver Mandrake Root Ring Etsy

A lost-wax cast miniature sculpture that you can wear on your finger. The mushroom details are amazing! From FreyjaJewels, $250

Want even more luxury Harry Potter gifts? Check out our full Harry Potter gift guide!

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