Critical Linking

Love Advice From 43 BC Roman Poet: Critical Linking, February 10, 2020

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“From smuggling love letters in bras and the sexiest bedroom poses, to concealing stretch marks and saggy breasts. In a manner more fitting to Cosmopolitan magazine than a highbrow Latin poet, he lasciviously teases his readers on how to create the perfect candlelit love den.”

I didn’t say it was good advice.

“What made me really upset was when the publisher said, ‘We had to cancel the book tour because of safety concerns,’ which made my community look like we’re crazy people going to cause trouble. We’re not. We’re just being outspoken about the inaccuracies of what this book represents. The last thing I’ll say that it really pissed me off — I’m gonna say it, I’m gonna get crazy — is [that the author said] ‘I wish a browner person than me wrote this book.’ They did! It was [Sonia Nazario’s] Enrique’s Journey, [Óscar Martínez’s] The Beast—many Latino authors have written this story! Oprah didn’t pick them.”

Y’all went and pissed off Eva Longoria.

“As your kids grow up, the homework demands increase. Middle school and high school activities keep them extra busy, too. It’s been years since they were small enough to sit in your lap and read, and re-read, their favorite picture book.

But just because they are busy and bigger doesn’t mean your kids have to stop reading for pleasure. If you’ve found your kids complaining about picking up a book, read on for some tips to foster their love of reading beyond what’s required in Language Arts class.”

If you’re looking for help raising readers.