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12 Lord of the Rings Bookends for Tolkien Fans

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Patricia Thang

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As a Lord of the Rings fan (and I’m sure any fellow fans reading this would agree), I can never have enough Tolkien-related stuff. Obviously, I have a map of Middle-earth hanging on my wall, plus various items of decor, clothing, and jewelry. I also love to spend my time browsing around the web simply admiring merchandise like these LOTR art pieces and these items based on the Middle-earth map, even though I couldn’t possibly buy them all at once. And then, of course, there are the books! In fact, I’ve had to dedicate an entire shelf of one of my bookcases to Tolkien to display the many editions of The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and other works that I’ve collected over the years. But there is one thing missing from this otherwise flawless Tolkien shelf (and my home in general), and that’s a nice set of Lord of the Rings bookends. How I did not realize until now that this was a thing I desperately needed, I will never know, but better late than never!

Here’s a selection of the many variations of Lord of the Rings bookends that are out there. From quotes, to depictions of specific scenes, to slightly more subtle pieces, there’s bound to be something for every fan!

Lord of the Rings Bookends

Wooden fellowship Lord of the Rings bookends

First off, we obviously couldn’t have a LOTR round-up without something depicting the iconic fellowship at the start of their journey, could we? $40

"Not all those who wander are lost" Lord of the Rings bookend

This bookend set, intricately cut from plywood, depicts Gandalf on one side, and quotes the “All that is Gold Does not Glitter” poem on the other. $39

Metal Lord of the Rings bookends

These bookends are made of metal, with Gandalf and Frodo on one side, and Mount Doom and Barad-dûr on the other. $79. There’s actually another version of these with Gollum and a Nazgûl instead of the Mordor scene if you’d like to switch it up a bit.

Dwarf statue Lord of the Rings bookend

Choose either gold or silver for this sturdy concrete dwarf statue bookend, which is sure to be able to support even the bulkiest of books on your shelf. $49

"You shall not fall" Lord of the Rings bookend

I love this piece that puts a humorous spin on Gandalf’s famous quote. $49

Argonath Lord of the Rings bookends

It didn’t occur to me until I saw it, but there’s no denying the Argonath are absolutely a top-notch choice for LOTR bookends. $47

Wooden diorama Lord of the Rings bookends

For the crafters out there, these bookends actually come as a DIY kit with instructions for you to put together yourself! $58

"The road goes ever on" Lord of the Rings bookends

These bookends feature a couple lovely quotes. First, a line from the song “The Road Goes Ever On,” which Bilbo sings various versions of in The Hobbit and in The Lord of the Rings. And then, “here at the end of all things,” from Frodo’s loving words to Sam after the destruction of the Ring. $27

Minas Tirith Lord of the Rings bookend

This gorgeous model of Minas Tirith is 3D printed with exquisite detail. $75

"Gondor calls for aid" Lord of the Rings bookends

If I had these bookends, they would just lead me to replay that epic beacon-lighting scene from the films over and over again in my head. $36

"I think I'm quite ready for another adventure" Lord of the Rings bookends

And here’s Bilbo, alongside his quote from the end of the saga before he journeys to the West with Gandalf and Frodo. $39

Hobbit hole planter Lord of the Rings bookend

Okay, this last one isn’t a bookend explicitly, but you could absolutely use this adorable hobbit hole miniature planter as a bookend if you wanted to (and I certainly do!). Two size options are available, starting at $30 for the small.

On the market for more bookends that aren’t necessarily fandom-related? Take a look at this round-up of various Etsy bookends, or flip through our bookend archives!