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John Green’s First Novel May Be Banned At His Old School



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Looking for Alaska was published in 2005, but it’s being banned and challenged now more than ever, the author shared on TikTok. Alicia Farrant, a candidate running for school board in Orange County, Florida — which includes the school John Green attended as a student — has campaigned partly based on banning Looking for Alaska from all school libraries in the district.

The author describes how strange it is to have his hometown try to ban his book, especially when he knows and even went to school with some of the people involved. He also calls the name of the group Farrant is representing, Moms for Liberty, “surreal” considering that they are trying to restrict the liberty of other families and students from being able to make their own choices about which books to read.

As for the reason the book is being targeted: “I just don’t think Looking for Alaska is pornography,” Green said. “And I think reading it that way is a little weird.”

The TikTok ends with the author asking, “Please don’t ban my books in my hometown. It’s really upsetting for my mom. She has to deal with all these people talking to her on Facebook now.”


#greenscreen looking for alaska is being challenged and banned more than ever, and it makes me sad.

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