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London Book Chain To Provide Libraries For Retirement Homes : Critical Linking, August 19, 2019

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“London book chain Foyles is to supply libraries to high-end retirement homes in a deal with a residential developer.

The partnership with Elysian Residences will launch at its development in Stanmore, north-west London, when it opens later this year, with a mix of biographies, travel writing, novels and specialist books selected by Foyles. Residents at the development, which aims to combine ‘UK development expertise with a US hospitality-led approach to care’, will be able to borrow from a collection maintained and refreshed every quarter by the book chain. Foyles is being paid a lump sum for the work.”

This is great! Now let’s  also do this for the retirement homes that aren’t labeled “high-end!”

“It’s also the source of a distinct literary tradition. Writers from the island and from the Dominican diaspora, such as Julia Alvarez and Rita Indiana to name just two, have blessed us with stories, essays and deep thoughts about the effects of colonialism and the beauty of the indigenous Taíno culture as well as everyday life on the island.

Which brings us to this week’s show. On this episode, we’ll talk to three Afro Dominicana writers who are part of a recent wave of authors who use literature, poetry and even social media to reflect the contemporary Dominican experience. Danyeli Rodriguez del Orbe, Amanda Alcantara and Elizabeth Acevedo join us as does NPR Kroc Fellow and current Alt.Latino contributor Jessica Diaz-Hurtado.”

I mean, this episode was clearly made for me, but sharing is caring so let’s all listen!

“The Lord of the Rings fascination reaches far beyond trail names. It seemed like every AT shelter had ‘Not all who wander are lost’ carved into it somewhere; the quote also serves as the most overused thru-hiking Instagram caption. It’s so ubiquitous that most a number of people don’t know it’s from Bilbo’s poem about Aragorn in The Fellowship of the Ring. ‘Second breakfast’ is a beloved part of a hobbit’s diet and an essential part of a thru-hiker’s as well. And one time, while contemplating a blue-blazed, bad-weather bypass in a storm, I noticed ‘Frodo and Sam did worse!’ written on one side of the sign at the fork and ‘Voldemort was a purist’ penned on the other, like angel and devil fantasy advisers.

Over the course of my time on the AT, I chatted with a lot of thru-hikers whose Kindles and audiobook queues were stacked with fantasy novels. Because my days comprised an endless amount of headspace and an ever dwindling number of thoughts to fill it with, I spent a lot of time wondering why that was.”

I laughed so hard at the last line.

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