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Here’s 20 Great Loki T-Shirts to Throw Your Money At

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Loki was the Norse trickster god, but his mischievous and unpredictable nature has made him a pop culture favorite as old mythologies are tied into new takes on the legends.

This has been helped along by a rise in popularity among Norse-inspired stories, from the television show Vikings to several works from Neil Gaiman including The Sandman, American Gods and his own take on Norse Mythology.

Then—of course—there’s Loki of the Marvelverse.

Since he was first introduced in the first Thor film in 2011, Tom Hiddleston’s portrayal of the antihero has spurred a loyal fandom.

He may be untrustworthy and devious, but it sure is fun to guess what he might do next.

It’s not so hard to root for an underdog with Loki’s struggles to find his own identity between the Asgardians and the frost giants—not to mention his bitter sibling rivalry with Thor. SPOILER ALERT for Infinity War—His death also caused great lamenting.

Perhaps all of this together helps explain why there are so many Loki T-shirts out there. Because, ya’ll, there are A LOT of Loki T-shirts.

So many T-shirts.

Here is a curated yet still surprisingly extensive list of the very best Loki T-shirts you can buy.

The Best Loki T-Shirts Online

Don the Uniform

Pull on Loki’s colors in this compression tee, sure to show off your lean and muscled frame.

loki t-shirt

Horned Helmet Icon

A classic design of Loki’s signature emblem of helmet and horns.

loki t-shirt

Loki Needs Love

Who better to give a great big bear hug than Avengers colleague the Hulk.

hulk and loki t-shirt

Get Help

For when there’s no better way to get out of a sticky situation than with a classic brotherly con.

loki t-shirt

Dual Nature

Another simple iconic design, this tee subtly celebrates the god of mischief’s dual nature. Available in many colors, but I recommend the god’s classic signature green.

loki t-shirt

Funko Loki

Loki never looked more adorable than on this Funko style tee. Just look at those widdle horns.

loki t-shirt

Go Tricksters

Your new favorite, um, sports team?

loki t-shirt

Loki’s Greatest Hits

Sure, magic is great, but nothing beats coming into battle with sharp wits. In the form of your greatest quotes, of course.

The Loki Signature Shirt

This Marvelverse tee with Loki in swirling action and showing his many faces also features the signature of the actor who portrays him.

The Missing Loki

An emblem of Loki’s majestic armor—but is the trickster god even in them?

Crest Tee

Proudly brandish the crest of your favorite god and declare your loyalty.

Crown of Horns

Heavy weigh the horns that wear the crown. At least he finally has one in this tee.

Frost Giant Homies

A classic illustration with Loki and his Frost Giant pals.

Return to Asgard

Loki’s interest in this tee might vary based on the timing, but hey, give it your best shot, and maybe you’ll get lucky and run into him there.

Be Yourself Unless…

True story.


I’d say dead or alive, but we all know there’s no such thing as a permanent death in comics.

I Do What I Want

Heck yes you do. Starting with choosing your own color for this shirt. From provided select options.

Keeping it Lo-Ki

Stop looking at me like that. This pun was inevitable and required as soon as they named him.

Avenger Loki

This tee captures Loki looking his most heroic. Though who knows what he’s up to, really.

Born to be King

Your horned destiny awaits.

Sons of Odin

This classic emblem gives a nod to Loki and his brother god Thor. Whether they like it or not.