Literary Llama Love: Llama Bookends, Bookmarks, and More Good You Need

Llamas are having a moment. Or, well, they’ve been having a moment for a long time, and we’re seeing them more and more on all kinds of household goods. Naturally, it seems fitting to do a round-up of some of the awesome llama bookends, llama bookmarks, and other bookish llama-themed goods.

llama bookends, llama bookmarks, and other bookish llama gifts


Llama and alpaca notebook


A nifty llama and alpaca notebook, $8.50.


llama magnetic bookmark


A sweet-faced llama magnetic bookmark, $4.


llama with a book print


Who doesn’t need a print featuring a reading llama? $19 and up.


llama bookends


Mint green llama bookends, $50.


adorable llama bookends


How adorable are these llama bookends? Grab ’em for $70.


llama ex libris stamp


It’s a puntastic llama library stamp for keeping track of all your books. $19 and up.


alpaca bullet journal


Technically, this is an alpaca, but it’s hard to dislike alpacas if you like llamas, so it’s necessary to include this llama/alpaca bullet journal. $20.


llama book sleeve


Snap up a llama book sleeve to keep your book safe, as well as your notebook and pen handy. $27 and up.


llama backpack


Tote all your favorite literary finds in this cute llama backpack. $20.


llama bookmark


Here’s an adorable llama bookmark for your needs. $12.


llama book sleeve


Another awesome llama book sleeve option for toting your book. $15 and up.


llama totebag


Prefer to carry your books in a tote bag, rather than a backpack? Good news! Here’s a cute llama tote bag. $24.


llama bookmark


Get yourself an aluminum llama bookmark for $4.


llama and cactus bookends


Not only are llamas having a moment, so are cacti. It’s only fitting then to find this llama and cactus bookend set. $78.


wooden llama bookends


Check out these handmade wooden llamas. Grab ’em for $50.


llama dictionary page art


Larry the llama dons his best formalwear in this recycled dictionary page art. $10.


llama device holder


This llama device holder is perfect for tablets, phones, or books, when you get tired of holding them while reading. $13 and up.


llama reading sticker


These reading llama stickers are perfect for your bullet journal or other calendar. $2.


llama reading wall art


“A book is a dream that you hold in your hands” unframed llama reading print. Too cute for words. $12.


llama ereader cover


Llama ereader cover for your reading device. $35.


Copper llama bookmark


A sweet handmade copper llama bookmark, $28.


Hand embroidered corner llama bookmark


This linen corner llama bookmark features a hand-embroidered colorful blanket on the llama. $16.


llama bookends


You’ve got a ton of customizable options with this set of llama bookends. $45.


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