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28 Excellent Literary Valentines For Readers

I love Valentine’s Day. I have no shame about saying this, and while I understand the dislike many have because they’re not in a romantic relationship, I think that having one day where we celebrate love in all of its varied and myriad forms matters. Because at the end of the day, that’s what it is all about.

Valentine’s Day is not a Hallmark holiday—it’s rooted in history. Certainly Hallmark sees some money because it’s the second-most popular card-sending holiday after Christmas.

Whether or not you spend the day with a romantic other, write a card to a dear friend, call up your parents or other relatives, or snuggle in with your beloved pets, it’s always nice to honor love. And if you’re a book nerd, perhaps…you also want to honor love in a literary manner.

Enter: literary valentines.

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The cards below are funny, thought-provoking, heart-warming, and snarky sentiments decidedly not from Hallmark. They’ll make the perfect greeting to send to any of the book and language nerds in your life this February 14.

Never forget that no one says you cannot be your own Valentine. Write yourself a card. Drop it in the mail. Then be reminded of your awesome self when it shows up again.

Clever, Heartfelt, and Humorous Literary Valentines


Send your loved ones a love note from Virginia Woolf. $3.34.



Not only is the sentiment on this one excellent, but the fact it’s on a due date card only makes it better. $4.47.



Speaking of due date cards, how about this spicy little sentiment? $6.



If there is a wife in your life who loves Hamilton, you’ll need this card. $5.



The penmanship on this Emily Bronte card is lovely. $5.28.



Maybe not all of these literary couples had the happiest of endings, but it’s the sentiment that counts. $3.34.



A little love note from Robert Browning. $3.68.



Walt Whitman keeps it short and sweet. $5.



This card would be so perfect for anyone you know who loves books. $5.75.



Wink wink. (Please don’t actually get frisky at the library though because gross). $5.75



A fine Fitzgerald literary love quote card. $3.34.


Need a Valentine in a hurry? You can grab this lovely Chekov quote card and download to print ASAP. $2.00.



This is a sweet and thoughtful card with an L.M. Montgomery quote from Anne of The Island.



This one is especially for Jane Austen fans.



Forgo one of those oversized cards and instead, spring for this Maya Angelou love quote print. $10.



This pair of snort-worthy literary valentines are downloadable. $4.



Cummings + hand lettering = win. $5.50.



Where The Wild Things Are, Goth Valentine style. $4.



The perfect Harry Potter Valentine. It’s an instant download, too. $2.93.



Love, Pride and Prejudice style. $4.35.



“I love you like Hermione loves books.” That’s a lot. $3.66.



For the book-and-people-sniffers. $4.50.



This sounds like the perfect Valentine’s Day in to me. $3.66.



You might not be able to see the bottom which reads “But you’re the exception.” Damn! $3.66.



I can see the inside script reading “so take me there now for a date.” $3.95.



This Dewey-themed library Valentine is a digital download. $4.



This set of Queen of Hearts cards would be perfect for Galentine’s Day giving. $10.



And finally, no literary card roundup could overlook the beginning of the Once Upon A Time. $4.50.



So what to write inside these literary valentines? How about some love poems, or maybe some strong women quotes, or these quotes about falling in love.

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