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Literary Tea Infusers for a Cozy, Relaxing Fall

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Caitlin Hobbs

Staff Writer

Perpetually tired, Caitlin Hobbs somehow manages to avoid being taken by the Fae while simultaneously doing things that would attract their attention. It may be all the cats they keep around. Caitlin can usually be found dismantling ideas about what makes us human as a student in cultural anthropology, indexing archives and rare books, or writing a book of folklore retellings. You can contact them at or on twitter as @caitlinthehob.

Like we knew it would be, deep in our heart of hearts, 2021 is shaping up to be almost as stressful as 2020 was. Especially these last few months, as if late summer/early fall wasn’t stressful enough with school starting back up and leaves starting to change color, indicating the inevitable passage of time, ever marching forward, whether you’re ready for it to or not. The world only ever spins forward.

It’s fine. Just don’t think about it it’s fine. It’ll work out.

Needless to say, no matter how much you love it (and Halloween), autumn can come with a certain amount of stress, even when the world isn’t crumbling around you during a pandemic. But nothing seems as bad as it could be with something warm in your hands, even if it’s only for about five minutes before you make the mistake of looking at the news or Twitter again. Having a nice tea infuser to go with your favorite mug just makes that relaxation a little bit better. And what’s better than having a literary tea infuser to go with your favorite literary mug to use while reading your favorite book? So put some water on to boil, get out some nice chamomile (or your tea leaves of choice), and take a look at these literary tea infusers to use for your next cuppa.

image of a pride and prejudice tea infuser in a white mug with the quote "obstinate headstrong girl" on the infuser charm

Who doesn’t love a good regency romance, especially one with plenty of sarcasm and yearning? You can show off your love — and your temperament — with this Jane Austen strainer featuring a quote from Pride and Prejudice for $23.

image of a ball style tea infuser with a green rounded hobbit door as a charm

I know I was always jealous of the hobbits, with their cozy holes in the ground and amazing smorgasbords. But while we can’t all go on great adventures to save Middle-earth through the sheer power of hope and persevering, you can have a little piece of the fantasy in your mug with this Lord of the Rings–themed tea infuser for $15.

ball style tea infuser with a little tea mug charm and a cabochon that says to tea or not to tea

To tea, or not to tea: that is the question. Well, maybe for some people, I know my answer is always a resounding yes. But with this Shakespeare pun tea infuser and just $15, you can ask others if they want tea while showing your word play skills.

ball style tea infuser with charms of a crown, throne, lion, and bow and arrow, all silver.

The Lion, the Witch, and The Wardrobe was a primer to portal fantasies for a lot of people, written around a time where “being anywhere but here” sounded really nice. While there may bot be a hidden world just through the back of your closet, you can still brew up a little magic using this Narnia inspired tea infuser for just $13 dollars.

ball style tea infuser with a tea cup charm and a cabochon with an image of John Tenniel's Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland

I have fallen down the rabbit hole more than once when it comes to tea blends or anything literary. If you love whimsy and childhood imagination, where left is right and right is left (or if you’ve celebrated an Unbirthday), then you’ll want to grab this Mad Hatter tea infuser, costing just $15.

ball style tea infuser with charms of an open book, handlebar mustache, train, magnifying glass, and gun, all silver.

Agatha Christie’s mysteries are probably one of the most iconic murder mysteries written, and Hercule Poirot is possibly one of the most immediately recognizable detectives with his handle bar mustache. If retired Belgian detectives or elderly female sleuths are your, ahem, “cup of tea,” then this Agatha Christie–themed tea infuser at $15 is for you.

ball style tea infuser with a smoking pipe charm and a cabochon with sherlock's silhouette in his iconic deerstalker hat and a pipe in his mouth

Sherlock Holmes TV series are always popular, and the books that inspire them are no different. With deductive reasoning and a keen eye, Sherlock Holmes has put himself on the map as one of the world’s most famous detectives. You can show your appreciation for the man, the myth, and the legend (and for mystery in general) with this Sherlock Holmes tea infuser for only $15.

Poe tea ball infuser gift set

Autumn can be cozy, yes, but a good autumn is also spooky and gothic, which makes this Edgar Allen Poe tea infuser gift set perfect. You have your choice of three different styles (pictured here) and an empty vial perfect for holding your favorite tea blend, all for $20.

ball tea infuser with three charms on it: a hot air balloon, a rabbit, and a compass rose

The TV series was amazing, the books are even better, this fantasy epic is well on its way to becoming one of the classics of the modern era (even with that unfortunate movie). If you’re someone who regularly takes quizzes on what your daemon would be, loves what the series has to say about religious hegemonies, and cried over each heartbreaking death, then this His Dark Materials tea infuser costing $11 definitely needs a home in your tea cupboard.

ball tea infuser with four dark blue beads, two clear beads, all split in half by a blue floral porcelain bead. At the end of the chain with the charms there is a silver book.

There is pleasure in the simple things, and this Book Lovers tea infuser is one of those simple items. Costing $13, this tea infuser is perfect for those of us who can’t just choose one book or one genre as our favorite or prefer the quiet things in life. With this simple blue and white color scheme, it’ll go perfect with any mug you call your favorite.

ball tea infuser with a bronze teapot charm and a cabochon with an image of a Georgian era girl with the text Austen fan on it

If you’re not an obstinate, headstrong girl, or, in the words of Janet from The Good Place, “not a girl,” but still enjoy a good regency romance, or just want to come out and let the world know where you stand, this Jane Austen tea infuser is just the thing you need for only $14. Or, if you want, you can just get the charm for $7, in either antique brass or silver.

tea infuser with a silver charm at the end of a chain that says "as you wish" stamped on it

Three little words, and you will make most any one (with good taste) swoon: “As you wish.” The movie is a classic and on every list of favorites, and the book is just as good. I know I always wished for my own Dread Pirate Roberts, and if you’re the same (or want to let some one know you’ll be their Westley) this stamped As You Wish tea infuser costing $14 is a necessary gift for anyone (including yourself).

ball tea infuser with a chain of silver charms: an ink pot with a quill in it; a set of theatre tragedy masks; a dagger; and a closed book.

If you like your literary tea infusers a little more subtle, and maybe with not so many puns, you can show your appreciation of the Bard with this Shakespeare themed tea infuser for $7. With just an ink pot with a quill, two Melpomene masks, and a happy dagger, all ending in a book that looks like it could be one of the Bard’s folios, this is a nice little nod to the Bard from the quieter fans among us.

If these literary tea infusers are just the beginning of your literary drink collection, or you’re like me and want to increase your dragon hoard of mugs, I recommend checking out our list of bookish mugs, or if you need to expand your tea stash, there’s always our list of literary tea blends.