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7 Bookish Tea Blends to Pair With Your Perfect Book

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Few things are better than cozying up with a piping hot cup of tea and a good book. Now that winter is almost in full swing, let one of these enchanting literary tea blends warm you up as you settle in for a snowy night of relaxed reading.

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Agatha Christie by LiteraryTeaCompany

Literary Tea Blends for Mystery: The Agatha Christie by LiteraryTeaCompany

This delightful blend of classic English Breakfast tea and the lovely, floral taste of rose petals is the perfect pairing for mysteries. Within its unassuming flavors hides a sweet burst of mango. As you drink this tea blend, searching around the flavor of unassuming black tea for the hidden fruity sweetness within, you can feel like you’re solving your own murder mystery. That mango will be brought to justice!

ButterBeer Inspired Bookish Tea by beccaslittleboutique

Literary Tea Blends for Fantasy: ButterBeer Inspired Bookish Tea by beccaslittleboutique

Dive into a rich, immersive fantasy world with a tea that is just as luscious. This Harry Potter–inspired tea blend is a warm chai with butterscotch and salted caramel. And you can pour in some milk for a delicious tea latte! The sugary sweetness of this blend is the perfect thing to keep you going and going through every single book in any given sprawling fantasy series.

Vegan Organic Tea Time With Mr. Darcy by LitttleBits

Literary Tea Blends for Romance: Vegan Organic Tea Time with Mr. Darcy by LitttleBits

This soft, floral earl grey puts you right in a parlor sipping drinks with Jane Austin’s strong-willed heroines. The notes of lavender, rose, cinnamon, clove, and citrus in this bookish tea blend have all been chosen for their historical significance. Settle down in your fanciest arm chair and transport yourself to the historical ball of your choosing. In addition, the natural caffeine in this blend will keep you reading long after your candle has finished burning.

Pippi Oolongstocking By NovelTeaTins

Literary Tea Blends for Children: Pippi Oolongstocking by NovelTeaTins

Settle in for a sunshine-y picture book with a warm mug of this orange and dark honey-flavored tea. This is one of those bookish tea blends that can also do double duty as a refreshing iced beverage. Spread out a blanket under a tree (ideally one with beautiful, ripe fruit to snack on). Then let the sun’s rays warm your face as this citrus-y tea warms you from the inside out.

Mary Shelley Tea by LiteraryTeaCompany

Literary Tea Blends for Gothic: Mary Shelley Tea by LiteraryTeaCompany

Gothic literature’s dark, atmospheric vibes perfectly complement this classic black tea with notes of floral lavender and sweet vanilla. The slightly fudge-y richness of this tea will match the deep depths of the novels that make up this compelling genre. Because of its sweet flavors, this tea would be excellent with a classic dash of milk and a sugar cube. Read about characters who are making incredibly difficult life-or-death choices as you sip calmly on your beverage confidant that you made the correct choice of tea to drink.

'Tybalt' Black Tea by DryadTea

Literary Tea Blends for Tragedy: ‘Tybalt’ Black Tea by DryadTea

Dive into a heart-breaking tragedy with this blend of spiced huckleberry and chocolate. This is one of bookish tea blend that is perfect with a hint of sweetness or just as-is. Sooth your shattered heart with a mug of this comforting tea as you recover from reading Romeo and Juliet for the thousandth time. And make extra sure to remind yourself that there is a reason you’ve read these tragic stories over and over again before you pick up another heartbreaking story and take another sip of your tea. Or maybe you just want some more of the Prince of Cats.


Alice's Peppermint Party Tea by ArtfulTea

Literary Tea Blends Just for Fun: Alice’s Peppermint Party Tea by ArtfulTea

Last but not least, slip a pot of this whimsical blend of unconventional flavors on the stove. This is the perfect tea to celebrate your very own unbirthday party with. Flavors of apple, almond, hibiscus, and rose contrast with bold, bright pops of peppermint and ginger. And though you might feel ready to have a party after one sip, this unconventional blend is caffeine-free. Thusly, it can still be enjoyed as a lovely bedtime drink. Perfect for a tea party, this tea makes for a great choice whether you want it hot or iced.