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Just Write: Outstanding Literary Pencils

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The smell of fresh school supplies never gets old. Whether or not you’re a student, there’s just something about new desk goods that’s promising and exciting. For book lovers, it’s impossible, of course, not to then coincide your love of things like paper and pens with reading and books. Why not indulge in a few awesome literary pencils?

Some of these bookish pencils are wrapped in the actual pages of books. Others are peppered with quotations from great reads or honor any number of reader-life habits and preferences.

Celebrate the tricky bits of the English language with these grammar pencils. $9 for a set of five.

The perfect set of pencils for writers. $9 for a set of four.

How can you not love these Sylvia Plath quote pencils? $8 and up, depending on how many you’d like.

Five ways to say “I Love Books” with these global language pencils. $9 for five.

To quote the Bard: “These Pencils Are Perfect.” Set of Shakespeare pencils $15.

Pencils for all of the Sherlock Holmes fans. $12.50.

The most important question to know in as many languages as possible: “Where is the library?” $9 for a set of five.

Same! $7.50 and up.

Things readers have been caught saying. $7 for a set.

This pencil set is for all of the readers and book nerds who also love bright colors. $10 for a set.

See the description for the pencil set above, but instead of rainbow, this collection of book nerd pencils is for fans of black and white. $12 and up.

Pencils for Austenites. $14.

Customize your own literary pencils! Make sure no one tries to filch your writing implement. $9.

There’s something for every YA book fan in this set of pencils. $15 for a set of seven.

Read more often. Write more often. $3.50 each.

Hello, hand-wrapped comics pencils! $10.

Book lover pencils perfect for annotating your current reads. $15, with lots of options on colors for the engraving and the pencil itself.

Colorful language is so fucking fun. $13.

Game of Thrones pencils. $15.

File under: items forbidden in Gilead. $8.

Last but not least, let us not forget that books are magic. $1.50 each.